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Barry Takes Thousands in Gifts From City Contractors

Ward 8 Councilmember Marion Barry took in some generous gifts last year, the Washington Post reports today. In 2012, two city contractors gave a combined $6,800 that, depending on who you believe, were either personal loans or gifts meant to pay the mayor-for-life's bills.

Keith Forney, whose Forney Enterprises gave Barry $2,800, tells the Post that the money was for some of Barry's expenses. Barry, though, claims that $2,800 from Forney and $4,000 from F&L Construction were loans.

As the Post points out, the D.C. Council's code of conduct limits gifts from companies with business relationships with the city to under $20—so Barry is about $6,760 over the limit.

Neither Forney or F&L Construction owner Freddie Winston responded to requests for comment about the Post story. Barry isn't saying much about the gifts anymore, either. "I'm not talking to anybody else about that subject," Barry tells LL.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • SPG

    Lets not forget that Jack Evans and the then Council Chair and now CareFirst Board chair Linda Cropp gutted the Term Limit referendum that passed widely.

    Its time to complete the unfinished work DC Charter Convention back in the early 80s.

  • Typical DC BS

    Barry must be really hurting. This is the first time in all the years I've been following DC politics that it's confirmed he's taken anything of value for himself. Through all his tribulations, he never stole or enriched himself. His finances must be really bad if he's taking "personal loans" that he knows ethically he shouldn't be touching.

  • OG in DC

    Barry's attempts to make a life in the private sector were blocked when he came out of jail. There was even an attempt to give him a professorship at UDC that was also blocked. We have a long term councilmember with no place else to go; a guy who went into jail with the same Volvo that was his sole possession when he first ran for office. Yeah, he's hurting for money. He's old. I am by no means defending this, but we've seen this story before in our city-- desperation breeds crime, no matter what your socio-economic background is.

  • Smh

    Barry never taken anything of value for himself??? You must have forgotten the kickback scam with his former girlfriend Donna Watts. You know, the one he put out of the hotel room in Denver for not sucking his dick.

  • saywhat14

    Leave him alone please, go mess with Jim Graham, who you know is a thief, David Catania has been stealing money from Heathcare Finance for years, not to metion that stupid bill he is trying to pass now, so that he can make sure his friends can buy up all the school buildlings and get his kickback under the table. Jack evans, the professional thief. You almost never discuss the white counterparts crimes, you just mess with Barry, find a hard onn somewhere else and you can start with the people above in this comment.

  • NE John

    His mug is beginning to look like one of those faces on Easter Island

  • tony

    His mug is just fine and so is he.

  • James

    During Watergate, Nicholas von Hoffman once famously called Nixon "the dead rat on America's kitchen floor."

    Today, Marion Barry is the expired rat on DC's kitchen floor. Isn't it "high" time to finally sweep this rat out with the trash?

  • NE John

    sounds like a ub40 song

  • noodlez



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