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Vincent Orange Has His Own Traffic Camera Moratorium

At-Large Councilmember Vincent Orange is trying to beat traffic cam-hating Michigan Rep. Kerry Bentivolio to the punch. In a letter today to Bentivolio, Orange tells the Republican congressman that the District can restrict its traffic cameras just fine on its own, thanks.
Orange plans to introduce a bill later this month that would set up a two-year moratorium on [...]

DCPS Blows Drug Testing Deadline

In 2008, under the logic that stoned people don't make the best caretakers, the D.C. Council passed a law requiring random drug and alcohol testing for city employees who interact with kids. Last year, the inspector general's office found that the D.C. public schools still weren't drug testing employees or applicants. DCPS promised to start [...]

Morning Links

City will cover Jeff Thompson's bills at Chartered for $39 million. [WBJ]
Park Police lose track of guns in D.C. [NBC 4]
Fire department looks bad in new report; Tommy Wells says he'd fire Chief Kenneth Ellerbe. [NBC 4]
Review: Human Rights Watch overstated MPD's sexual assault problem. [Times]
Jack Evans won't let scratch-off contract pass without more local participation. [...]

Ron Moten vs. Irv Nathan

Between the council meeting and Keely Thompson's plea, LL didn't have time yesterday to get to the surprise guest at Tuesday's panel on the attorney general election: Peaceoholics co-founder Ron Moten
Most people facing a lawsuit from the District over bogus non-profit tax forms and luxury SUVs might decide to lie low. Instead, Moten used the [...]

Santa-Impersonating Congressman Doesn’t Like District’s Traffic Cams

A Michigan congressman is working on a bill that would outlaw the District's speed and red light cameras. But it's not because he has a lead foot, his spokesman insists.
Freshman Rep. Kerry Bentivolio, who moonlights as a Santa Claus impersonator and reindeer rancher, doesn't even have a car in Washington, according to spokesman Matt Chisholm. [...]

Tony Cheng’s Son Applied for Gun Permit During Investigation

Here's a wrinkle in the taxi bribery charges against politically connected Chinatown restauranteur Tony Cheng and his son. While prosecutors were pressuring the two to cooperate in a larger federal investigation, Tony Cheng Jr. was getting permission to carry a gun.
On April 22, Cheng applied for a concealed weapons permit, according to Virginia court records. [...]

Morning Links

Budget approved with lower sales tax, no amendment from David Catania on schools. [WBJ, Times]
Living wage bill passes first vote, 8-5. [Housing Complex, WBJ, Post]
Report on Human Rights Watch investigation of MPD says nonprofit used incomplete data, made wrong assumptions. [Post]
The Heller ruling, five years later. [WAMU]
Keely Thompson pleads guilty to spending city grant money on [...]

The Best Defense Is a Good Offense

Over 40 years, attorney Brendan V. Sullivan Jr. has had a career most of his peers would envy, representing the likes of Iran-Contra operative Oliver North, Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens, and the Duke lacrosse players accused of rape. And then there’s the one resume item none of his colleagues can match: Sullivan’s starring role in [...]

Keely Thompson Spills All, Almost

Former D.C. boxing gym operator Keely Thompson's plea hearing offered a glimpse into another government investigation today—well, almost.
Thompson, who along with his wife is accused of blowing $205,000 of grant money on trips to Atlantic City casinos and other luxuries, was pleading guilty to a federal wire fraud charge today. Judge Emmet Sullivan brought up [...]

Morning Links

Chinatown restauranteur Tony Cheng and son indicted for alleged taxi commission bribery scheme. [Times, LL, WJLA, WAMU]
Ex-taxi commissioner Leon Swain, who went undercover in the last taxi bribery scandal and was allegedly approached in this one too, calls this "the tip of the iceberg." [Post]
Phil Mendelson's budget bill has something for everybody. [Post]
Including a sales tax [...]