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Kenyan McDuffie Refers Staffer’s Alleged Theft to Police

Councilmember Kenyan McDuffie is celebrating his one-year anniversary in the Wilson Building today, but there's one newly ex-staffer who won't be there: community affairs coordinator Tim Clark. Clark got the boot yesterday after McDuffie discovered that he'd inappropriately spent $252.07 from the Ward 5 councilmember's constituent services fund.

A press release from McDuffie's office describes the errant expenses coming up in a "routine, internal review" of the fund. McDuffie's release doesn't name the staffer, but Clark tells the Post that he spent the money on two bar tabs. He tells the Post he understands why McDuffie fired him, and promises to resign his spot on a Ward 5 advisory neighborhood commission spot while he's at it.

He might want to hold back on the confessions, though, because the police are getting involved. McDuffie has referred Clark's bar bills to the Metropolitan Police Department on the advice of the Office of Campaign Finance, McDuffie spokesman Darrell Jackson tells LL.

Wesley Williams, a spokesman for OCF, says OCF has launched its own review of Clark's spending.

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  1. bloomingdale resident

    Good for McDuffie. Ward 5 and the city council deserve ethical leadership. Not always a fan of his positions or work but this is very reassuring - especially that he considers even small amounts of unethical activity ($250) unacceptable. Bravo. Other councilmembers should take note

  2. #2

    Sad to see this happen. Tim is an outstanding guy who has a lot to offer our ward and city. I hope he rebounds from this and stays active.

  3. #3

    Not surprised. After the way the money was spent from the PUDs giving the Edgewood Civic Association by the whole Clark family - Ward 5 HeartBeat already did an article. Thousands were spent on "computer equipment" that was/is in Tim's possession and no receipts were shown. I think there is more to find and the civic association money should be looked at too.

  4. #4

    Necessary mens rea may be hard to show on a $250 bar tab.

  5. #5

    I don't know TIm personally but I thought he did a great job as a ANC commissioner. Glad to see my CM lead by example and report theft --even as one as small as this theft amount. I hope the other CM's are taking notes! Great show of leadership

  6. Skeptical in Ward 5

    This embezzlement from McDuffie's long-standing, right-hand guy ought to get our antenna waving.

    Deeper corruption can often be masked by cover stories such as this.

    A fall guy takes a hit for something seemingly minor. He takes responsibility for a personal 'one-time' sloppy mistake, and assures voters it's not the fault of his boss. Then maybe own the road a bit, we find he's becomes a successful city contractor.

    Cash-card stealing is easily caught, but who counts the *CASH* at McDuffie-sponsored fundraisers? How many 20-dollar bills got five-fingered? If McDuffie's top crony is capable of corruption for money, what is McDuffie capable of?

    Voters expect competent management skills from their council members. Hiring corrupt cronies suggests underlying corruption in the boss.

  7. #7

    Before it was removed, the council website showed Tim Clark as community affairs director. The first time he did so inadvertently and the second time it was a stupid mistake. Poppy cock! The bigger question is whose bar tab was he picking up? Who risks their job for a little over $200? Who gives a statement of guilt to a reporter without legal representation? Arrogance and entitlement at its best. Familiarity breeds contempt. What influence will McDuffie have in Tim Clark's outcome? People are just too gullible.

  8. #8

    What influence will the CM have in a police matter. That seems like a question for the police chief. Some people are gullible. Others are just too mean spirited. And, very few people take the Ward 5 Hearbeat seriously. The spelling and grammar mistakes make my blood boil. The lack of professional reporting sends it to the recycling can.

    It's one thing to ask questions, quite another when the editor puts their opinion in every story they write. That's a journalism 101 no-no.

  9. #9


    To have prior knowledge of Tim Clark's background, hire him, but don't place him in a position to be tempted to use a debit card? This is elementary and should have been the first line of defense. Really, this says it all.

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