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Ain’t No Party Like a Patrick Mara Party

Patrick Mara's Party Goes Sour

Cautious optimism at the Patrick Mara party at Columbia Heights' the Coupe has soured into maybe-next-year, as the election returns turned against the GOP candidate even before his 20-something campaign volunteers could get Board of Election results on the TV.

On hand for the switch: former Phil Mendelson campaign volunteer Nicole Whiteman, who ditched Democratic candidates in today's election for Mara. "You can't vote party line all the time," says Whiteman.

Also around: Slate politics blogger (and past Washington City Paper contributorDave Weigel, a frequent Mara voter who knows a few things about returns. Weigel wasn't optimistic about Mara's chances, either, as the vote totals added up.

If Mara, whose primary challenge against Councilmember Carol Schwartz arguably lost the party its last seat on the Council in 2008, can't win it back, it's not clear at this party who can. Former Ward 7 Republican candidate and self-proclaimed Civil Rights Republican Ron Moten is here, but when I asked partygoers who other Republican rising stars in District politics were, they came up blank. Longtime D.C. Republican Joe King didn't know either, but in fairness to the GOP's young guns, he was glued to the Nats game. (They lost, too.)

King caught up with me minutes later with his answer. The politician who will solve the Republicans' Council problem? Bryce Harper.

Photo by Will Sommer

  • Geoff

    Are you telling me that an African-American pol used race baiting successfully in this day and age? I don't believe it....not in MY America!!!

  • truth hurts

    Four WaPo endorsements, six right wing PACs, and two out of state robocalls don't fool us. We won't vote for someone who wants Romney and Ryan to run this country. Period.

  • David

    It's time for Patrick Mara to realize that David Catania used him (and his ambition) to get back at Carol Schwartz, which has left a very sour taste about Mara in the minds of DC Republicans, which are his base (rule number one -- don't screw your base) and he doesn't win in the numbers needed to win office. Patrick Mara ran for DC Council right after winning election to the school board, which left people thinking that he is only out for himself. Had he waited for this time around, things might have turned out differently for Mara. I voted for Mara in the School Board race, but when ran for higher office 5 minutes after being elected to school board that left a very, very sour taste in my mouth about his character. Mara is damaged goods on three fronts -- nasty campaign against Schwartz, seen as only out for himself, and now three city-wide losses. Being a Republican is the least of his problems.

  • JGK

    The Republican party's brand is damaged in general. That creates a lot of doubt among potential voters not to mention avenues of attack on a candidate, "socially liberal" or not. Now add in the fact that you have multiple 'flavors' of progressive candidate to choose from (Silverman, Frumin) and an 'old school' straight line Democrat in Bonds. Mara never really had much of a chance, WaPo narrative notwithstanding.

  • JB

    I would love to get some variety on the DC Council again, i.e., a Republican voice. However, I second David's comment on Mara constant running for DC Council has made me a non-Mara voter. If he had a good consultant on his side, he would be told to hold off on his higher ambitions for now. He needs to spend some time getting his feet wet in DC politics. I think "has been a SBOE elected member for Ward 1 for xx number of years" looks better on the political resume than "recently elected to the SBOE".

  • IAmNotALiberalDemocrat

    No wonder Partick Mara lost, he had Ron Moten supporting him. LOL What a loser!!!!

  • Bob

    Yes, Mara has won the Vincent Orange-Michael Brown Perpetual Candidate Award, GOP division.

  • NE John

    Hey white boy!

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