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Elissa Silverman tries to get Matthew Frumin to drop out of race, unseat Mary Cheh. [Post]

Total bill of Jeff Thompson's mismanaged Medicaid MCO now potentially $85 million. [Post]

Tax office garnishes $2.5 million from unpaid tickets. [Examiner]Charter schools need money too. [Post]

Pharmacies should have interpreters, advocates say. [Examiner]

  • WhatWhat

    Silverman is so desperate. She lost my vote. I'm voting Frumin tomorrow!

  • Actually

    Over/Under on when Silverman announces she's running for the Ward 6 seat?

    And will it be before or after Charles Allen makes his announcement?

  • truth hurts

    Elissa should release the emails so we can see what was actually discussed and why.

  • Mr. 53 Percent

    Elissa was just being brutally honest. Frumin can't win, has no chance. It's a citywide race and he's basically running in Ward 1.

  • Tom M.

    Ha ha ha. Frumin could NEVER accept this so late in the cycle and Silverman is guilty of incompetence for not knowing that fact. She is locking in his votes by making it possible for this to surface the day before final voting. She also raises questions in the minds of all but her core supporters. Former LL is going down....

  • DC Guy

    Political suicide. Why did she and Ken Archer do this?

  • Mr. 53 Percent

    Pat Mara is already under investigation for campaign finance fraud. Anita Bonds is taking money from the same old Gray cronies.

    Elissa when confronted with a slight controversy opts for sunshine and releases her emails:


  • DC Guy

    So Team Silveman is giving her props for releasing the emails and showing her transparency, rather than condemning her for trying to make a back room deal?

    Only in DC.

  • RealDC

    Silverman is a FRAUD! Progressive? reformer? Give me a break. She has used every "old" school political trick in the book. Nothing new here!

    If she keep telling herself she is progressive then maybe someone will believe her.

    Frumin, should have told her to dropout and he can support her for the ward 6 seat next year. IMO, I am VERY suspicious of her "tax and spend" views. For real, a vote for her is the "real" step in the wrong direction.

    Silverman makes Bonds look appealing, for real.

    Zukerberg is the BEST candidate. Frumin is a close second. I get why folks are supporting Bonds. I "really" get it. "She is all we got", is what I have been hearing all of the last week. Mara and Silverman, call themselves "Reformists" but operate the same way as the status quo. Self-serving hypocrites are not vogue at this time.

    We need real leadership!....... Zook is real! Frumin is real! And yes, Tony, Bonds is rea....l! There I said it.

  • Ward3

    I like Zuckerberg but he has no chance. Frumin appears to be running for PTA president of Wilson High School -- he's got zero support east of Rock Creek Park.

  • RealDC

    @ward3- Everybody likes Zukerberg and then say the same thing. He has no chance. He would have a chance if all the "likes" turn to votes. He does need more of an organization to make that happen.

    Your Frumin comment.....funny and probably true.

  • Ward3

    I don't get Frumin or Mara whose campaigns seemed based on Wisconsin Avenue. This is a citywide race. I see zero Frumin or Mara presence in Ward 5 and most of Ward 4.

  • SEis4ME

    Well, well, well what do we have here? Another example of Silverman's unfitness for office. W/all of her groundbreaking "reporting" experience and time as a lobbyist, you would "think" that discretion is her strongsuit. Clearly that's not the case and shows why she is not ready for prime time.

    So now we know that she not only wants to kick people off ballots...she'll even go the extent of offering to do something in exchange for Frumin dropping out. We may not know anything about her background but we at least see she gives Karl Rove a run for his money.

  • FormerBrownSupporter

    I agree with RealDC. As a former Brown Supporter and Current Anita Bonds Early Voter I can say That Zuckerburg has really impressed me. My take on the Controversy is that there is no way in hell I could support ANYONE trying to take our my girl Mary Cheh. She is the progressive reformer before the new kids on the block try to take that title. No bitches Mary did it first and did it better. Mary called out Gusso(fake reformer) on his bullshit. He is a fake progressive! I endourse Silverman...for Ward 6 council member! Wells has to GO, he is just the pitts!! Zuck vs. Gramh would be interesting (Weaver is Fake progessive IMHO) Bowser for mayor, who would replace her??
    We need a coucil that is compassionate about the PEOPLE not bussiness interest. AFFORIBLE HOUSEING needs to be address in this city!! I am a part of the RENT IS TOO DAMN HIGH PARTY!! RENT CONTOL NOW!!! Berry, Alexander, McDuff, Orange, and Cheh are the only ones fighting for the PEOPLE! Mendleson is weak, Cantania is in over his head! ANITA WILL WIN!!

  • Barrie Daneker

    Silly Silverman...this is why she never had a chance. the time for those back room bargains was about a month ago, not yesterday. DC is this who you want as your next politician.... A reporter turn reformer...give me a break. It's was always a Brown vs. Bonds race not matter how you added it up and with Brown's departure..Bonds will win by a sizable margin in this low turn out election. She is the best candidate since day one! Anita we need her.

  • FormerBrownSupporter

    One city! Anita Bonds #5 on the Ballot! Anita's caravan through the city on Saturday was very exciting with TONS of people coming up and pleadging their support! Anita Bonds will win!

  • truth hurts

    Now that I've read the emails, I think they're spot on in terms of their substance. It's what I heard dozens of times from likely voters on Saturday and Sunday in diverse neighborhoods. They want dramatic change in campaign financing, they don't want Bonds because she's tied to old school politics, they definitely aren't going for a republican who supported Romney, and they like Elissa two to one over Frumin -- mainly because she's not accepting lobbyist money. And people are worried that Frumin's 7% to 9% of the electorate may put Mara or Bonds in office. Gotta love the faux indignation of Mara, Bonds, and Frumin supporters. In every closely contested election, both federal and local, candidates with a solid prospect of winning try to persuade non-viable candidates with whom they share relatively similar policy agendas to step aside rather than split the vote. Those weho claim otherwise are either disingenuously spinning this discussion for their candidate, or simply don't know what is commonplace in all elections in both parties.

    Elissa doesn't like Bonds' links to Wilmot and other pay to play lobbyists. And she doesn't like Mara's politics. Most of the electorate agree on those points, including Frumin, Zuckerberg, and Redd supporters. I strongly urge all interested (and fair minded) people to read the emails rather than relying on partial quotes, misrepresentations, and spin. They speak the truth.

  • drez

    Agree with TH.

  • sc

    Silverman's email point out the fact that they're splitting the vote, which was expected from the get go. Now, Silverman has momentum and Frumin can't get more than minimal support outside of Ward 3. If Frumin's goal is for a progressive to get the seat, and effect change at the Wilson building, Silverman was right to ask him to withdraw. She has the better shot at winning between the two of them, and has the best shot at winning if he bows out. She's right, whether you support her or not.

  • SEis4ME

    There's a difference between being hungry for change and not being hungry and wanting the same change. Most voters are of the latter group.

    They don't want Bonds because she's a long-time DC resident...something Silverman and her campaign are actively against. Don't want Mara because he's a republican. The belief that they like Silverman over Frumin because of her decision to not accept lobbyists cash only shows that you're talking to a small sect of the district's voting population...since that too is one of the micro issues on which a few will vote.

    Now what makes this seem uglier and typical of the pay to play we claim to abhor, is when she says, "you scratch my back then ill scratch yours."

  • Mr. 53 Percent

    Agree with TH

  • Jason Cherkis
  • RealDC

    SE4ME is on point.

    Silverman is trying to "horse trade" before the election. Shadey! If Silverman does not win, it will not be because of Frumin.

    The "Pilgrim Progressive Reform Movement" is not what they portray it to be. It is slimey as well.

    That is not reform or change we want or need. She runs on this "self-rightious, holier than thou" platform then use every "backroom political" manuever to win.
    Got Settles tossed from the ballot and tried to get Zukerberg bounced.

    "Will the real Slim Shadey, please stand up"-Emienem

  • RealDC

    @jasoncherkis- Just read Alpert's article in GGW..... and that is some bullshit!!LMAO!

    But the comments were good.

    " I am all for reform as long as it includes our way of doing things".

  • carsonc

    This makes it: I'm voting for Elissa. I like her pragmatic toughness. I'm tired of progressives losing to Vincent Orange, etc. I'm glad that she had the guts to ask Frumin to step aside and balls to release the emails.

  • Tom M.

    @carsonc - Sliver-man showns she's a true amateur. The "toughness" is a pose she is striking since her indiscretion went public. She may have guts, and maybe even balls (physician's opinions may differ). But brains? As evidenced on this pathetic, poorly conceived move, she's the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz. (Maybe she was reporting in Latin all those days at L. Lips and WaPo....)

  • justsayin

    The field of candidates doesn't hold much promise in general.

    As for Silverman, at the candidate's forum in Takoma in Feb, before the forum started, when I approached her, she seemed detached and disinterested in greeting people. I'm even less impressed since learning more about her, particularly the dumb statement about DC residemts and taxes.

  • Who Am I Voting

    Tomorrow, I was not sure who I was going to vote for. Unlike many of you here, I am in no ones camp. But I have met a number of the candidates. And I have worked on more elections than I can count.

    I know Anita, she is likeable and mean at the same time. And yes she has her own agenda.

    Elissa, in her time for loose lips--was cliquish and ran in the "I am Fenty fan club." But I am/was willing to give her a chance.

    Pata Mara is--a Republican and when it comes to gun control, abortion, gay rights and a lot of questions you assume he believes as you believes---he does not.

    Furman, Zuckerberg and Redd are just to unknown.

    With all that said---what Elissa said in email seemed common sense...and the question not out of line. But who puts this kind of stuff in an email. That seems like something you should meet about. And that concerned me.

    Furman, leaked an email to take his dispute to the public. I find that tacky and would worry about him doing that as a councilmember. So in Council, should Catania piss you off--your emailing your exchange to the post.

    These people seem to not ready for prime time. And it makes me think the devil I know is better than the ones I don't. Hold your nose, say a pray and vote Anita Bonds.

  • carsonc

    Tom M. -- No one appreciates your sexist remarks about Ms. Silverman.

  • SEis4ME

    @Carson, let's not throw out the 'ist-card so casually. While Tom's comments might appear distasteful, they are most certainly not sexist. The "New Hampshire's Hillary" tactic won't work for Silverman as it did for Clinton.

  • Jason Cherkis

    I found this on one of the neighborhood listservs. This is as good as any assessment of Mr. Frumin and his motives I've seen:

    Interestingly, I think that Matt Frumin’s leak of the contents of a confidential discussion between Elissa Silverman’s treasurer and himself, and a confidential e-mail exchange with Ms. Silverman is distinctly unprincipled. Perhaps Mr. Frumin stands on the technicality that he did not himself perform the leak to the press, but he allowed the information to become common-enough knowledge among his supporters that it could be leaked by someone. All he needed to do was to refuse Ms. Silverman’s suggestion that he end his race, which he did. Presumably he could then rely on his own qualifications and ideas, the energy of his supporters, and his significant campaign chest (well-endowed by developers and their attorneys) to carry him to victory. While some may find Silverman’s pragmatism objectionable, I find a leak similarly taints the campaign it is meant to shore up.

    Since I started paying attention to, and voting in, local races, I have despaired at elections where repeatedly a candidate is elected with a mere plurality. If we were a progressive city, we would institute instant run-off voting. But instead, campaign after campaign, we have a plethora of candidates running, and those who are to my mind the best ones split the vote into shards, resulting in the election of individuals who often do not represent the majority’s values and almost as often are turned out because they have broken one law or another, either during their campaign or after entering office. I would say that someone who deeply cared about the city might consider fourth place in a race to be a sign that he should bow out and endorse another candidate with congruent values for the greater good. Perhaps ego got in the way. Although Mr. Frumin was quoted in the Post as saying “I am not trying to end with a story like this,” Ms. Silverman’s suggestion that he consider bowing out of the race was held for at least one week, but possibly more, than leaked with exquisite timing in the final days of the campaign. That smacks of a last-ditch attempt to turn voters.

    And now Patrick Mara’s PAC, DC Action, in an encore to the “Don’t vote for Elissa Silverman” robocalls of last week, is following up with still-anonymous live telephone calls to voters calling attention to Ms. Silverman’s request that Mr. Frumin drop out.

    Ms. Silverman was hardly alone in her hope that Mr. Frumin would drop out of the race to winnow the pack. But few people had the standing to ask him. When Elissa was entering this, her first, campaign, her supporters told her that if she were trailing towards the end of the race, they would ask her to get out in order to avoid peeling votes away from a stronger credible candidate. Such a strategy is not unheard-of, despite the scandalized protestations. If I were a betting person, I would bet that despite efforts by liberal Frumin and conservative Mara to take down Silverman, neither Frumin nor Mara will win the At-Large seat.

    Chevy Chase, Ward 4

    P.S. I can’t help but think that if the candidate who had approached another candidate to drop out of the race were a man, many of us would just accept the jostling among contestants as part of the race. As they always have, judgments against assertive women fall fast and furious. That may be one reason Ms. Bonds presents as a cheerful grandmother.

  • RealDC

    Good grief, Charlie Brown!

    Let me get this straight, Frumin is a rat because he leaked or told the Post about an email written by Silverman that asked Frumin to stand down, that pissed on Bonds campaign, was blasting Mayor Gray and it put Cheh in box for 2014. LOL!

    This is somehow Frumin's fault?? That is ridiculous!

    The "Pilgrim" Progressives are delusional hypocrites!

    I might have to vote Bonds because this progressive agenda is no where.

  • drez

    @Jason Cherkis
    That was a good find on the list serve. Whomever wrote it is a clear and critical thinker.
    I agree with them.
    Thanks for sharing.

  • drez

    Good find, Jason.

  • NE John

    Please write in Harry Thomas Jr. or Christopher Barry on erection day

  • SEis4ME

    @Jason, wow man really? Did you really just post this? Please don't tell me that you really intended to post a blog post criticizing Frumin for playing politics with Silverman's decision to play politics?

    Let me refresh my screen because maybe my eyes haven't fully dilated.

    Frumin is wrong to play hardball but Silverman's the astute in the room? This is ridiculous Jason...even for you.

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