Loose Lips

Morning Clicks

Must watch video: Reporter finds sensitive documents at abandoned police building. Cathy Lanier suggests it might have been staged. [Fox5]

At-large race in the home stretch with no clear winner. [Post]

Post endorses Pat Mara for the third time this election cycle. [Post]

Independent audit finds several problems with the OCFO. [Examiner]

Children and Youth Investment Trust Corp. not attracting any private funds. [Examiner]

If you erased a bunch of standardized tests, filled in the correct answers, and then received a huge bonus in 2008, don't worry, you're in the clear. [Post]

Mayor's CBE panel filled with execs from companies that may not have followed CBE rules. [Times]

  • tformation

    Well isn't that cute. All "Cathy" has to do is call the reporter/investigator by their first name (implying we're all friends here) and suggest that the whole thing was staged and thats the end of those pesky questions. You guys are so easy. Smdh

  • comingindictments

    Jair Lynch, Smoot, William C Smith and many more own the Council and they can get any contract and they do not have to file any documents of CBE because they are CBE's..And the former Directors of SLBD (Current Owners of Compliance Companies) find loop holes to make sure that these companies escape the brunt of CBE regulations.If Forrester Brothers are found guilty then there will be a line of other companies just like them..But it may end up as a civil and not criminal..