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Sulaimon Brown Denounces Catania, Endorses Bonds

Sulaimon Brown, the undisputed hero of the 2010 mayoral campaign, has resurfaced in D.C. politics after a lengthy hiatus. Brown put a statement today endorsing at-large Councilmember Anita Bonds in next week's special election. Brown also condemns Councilmember David Catania, who has been outspoken about the city's need to pursue Jeff Thompson's personal fortune to make up for the massive debt Thompson will be leaving taxpayers because of his poorly run Medicaid managed care organization.

The full statement:

The soon to be indicted David Catania should back off his pursuit of Jeffery Thompson and so should the AG. At-Large Councilmember David Catania received: $15,750 from Mr. Thompson and broke the law himself obstructing justice in an ongoing Federal Investigation into Mayor Vincent Gray’s 2010 campaign. Mr. Catania received a subpoena from the United States Attorney’s office and cannot deny his involvement in the present investigation and rampart City corruption. David Catania is worse than the man he condemns; he is no more than a wolf in sheep clothing and cannot be trusted.

Also, at this time I would like to announce my endorsement of Anita Bonds in the race for City Council. Anita Bonds is a real Democrat pure and simple. Although she may not be the perfect person or candidate, she has good intentions and her heart for our city is in the right place. Guilt by association is not a legal bar that any citizen should have to bare. Everyone should be judged on their own merits and that includes Mrs. Bonds. The fact that she knows or has helped in the past Marion Barry or any other Democrat is not sufficient grounds to discount her personally. Her own record of public service to the Democratic Party especially as it relates to the rights of minorities and women clearly shows a vote for Anita Bonds would not be a wasted vote. With that, she has my full support.


Sulaimon Brown

Photo by Darrow Montgomery/Illustration by Brooke Hatfield

  • tony

    Sulaimon Brown, I heard what happen when you and your brothers went to the doctor for annual check-ups.

    The doctor told you and your other brothers to open your mouths and say HAAA!

    Brother 1 said HAAA.
    Doctor replied: Young man that sound good. What have you been doing to stay healthy?
    Brother 1: I have been sucking my momma's right tittie.

    Brother 2 said HAAA.
    Doctor replied: Young man that sound good. What have you been doing to stay healthy?
    Brother 2: I have been sucking my momma's left tittie.

    Brother 3(Sulaimon) said Hoooooo.
    Doctor replied: Young man that sound awful. What have you been doing to be in such bad health?
    Brother 3: Well, my mommy only has two titties so I suck my daddy's dick!

  • truth hurts

    tony, i thought you also were a strong Bonds supporter and Catania critic. You don't agree with Sulaimon on Bonds? Catania?

  • Shela

    @tony...Your language is volgular and discusting and I hope the City Paper removes your comment.I don't know Sulaimon Brown, but his statement is way more intelligent and thoughtful than yours.I'm one voting female who may consider Bonds. The point he makes is valid in my opinion.

  • http://looselips old dog

    Tony, I heard what happen when you and your brothers went to the doctor for annual check-ups.

    The doctor was Catania, he told me to open my mouths and say HAAA!

    Tony, said Hoooooo.
    Catania replied: Young man that sound awful. What have you been doing to be in such bad health?
    Tony: Well, my mommy only has two titties so I suck my daddy's dick!

  • http://looselips old dog

    Sulaimon Brown, statement is so true.

  • tony

    Anita Bonds don't need a Sulaimon's endorsement. Moreover, his endorsement is very disingenuous and it's meant to taint Mrs. Bonds by given the impression that she is friends with a scandal ridden sulaimon.

    Again, this is a tactic to taint and smear Mrs. Bonds. It's the same old political games.


  • tony

    No more statemenst from me until after the election!!!

    @old dog, what an appropriate name for you, Sulaimon.

  • Shela

    @tony..Are you mentally ill? Do you have a crystal ball? You come across as hateful and mean sprited.The statement was positive.I don't see any taint ,smear or conspiracy against Mrs. Bonds.Actually, I think I will vote and Anita Bonds and you can credit Sulaimon Brown's statement.

  • Continuing to be Amazed

    Sulaimen Brown??? That's a political powerhouse that everyone has look for guidance from, NOT. At best, he's a hypocrite who only became unhappy when he didn't get a gravy-train job. He's a picture of stability or truthfulness! He was getting checks and money in paper bags, he was presumably not reporting income (he'd converted), etc.; and he was filing false campaign reports.

    As for his picking on Catnia, what is that all about? Catania recieved money from Jeff Thompson in reported campaign contributions.

    NO ONE, who has any knowledge of Cantania's and Jeff Thompson's relationship as a Public Servant and a businessman doing business with the District could characterize Catania as having given Thompson or Chartered anything over the years.

    Chartered and Thompson could only characterize Catania as great critic -- and they would be correct.

  • http://looselips old dog

    @Tony, I love my name get your head out Catania ass hole and read the truth about what the man told Loose lips

  • http://looselips old dog


  • Drez

    Great animated gif

  • Ben

    Don't push the blame on the guy in shades, oh no!
    Don't mess around with the guy in shades, oh no!
    (I can't believe it)
    'Cause you got it made with the guy in shades, oh no!

  • noodlez



  • IAmNotALiberalDemocrat

    I voted today at 441 4th Street, NW and I didn't vote for any of the losers running for the D.C. At-Large Council seat. I wrote in my own name. I fainted at reading some of the comments. Tony and noodlez are riots on here and I enjoy reading their comments whether I agree with them or not. LOL

    Crestwood Resident
    Ward 4

  • RealDC

    WTF happen here? This is some hot bama shit.

    Sulliman issuing an endorsement is hilarious in itself. LMAO!

    @tony- Coming back with the Redd Foxx jokes..... LMAO!

    @old dog- nooka, what the f*** are talking about?

    Vote Green Party..... the Dems in this town are out to lunch.

  • mizwillis

    Remember Mr. Brown accused Catania of threatening not to confirm Turnage if he didn't fire him. Karim (?) had the man escorted from the building and humiliated him. Brown went straight to a live presser and took it out on Vince by venting to Nikita Stewart who also had an ax to grind with the Mayor. All of that has created a cesspool like the one Brown feels most comfortable being a part of. The entire city is tainted by this vindictive man and his temper tantrums. I'm sure Anita Bonds doesn't need the 8 votes his endorsement might garner.
    How many votes did he get for himself when he ran????

    This entire SB matter is disturbing and unsettling. Why are we giving that fool any play?????

    I won't after this!!!!!!

  • dan

    Sulieman Brown needs to go back to sleep. CM Bonds does not need his endorsement. Mayor Gray did not need Brownie either. I agree that the endorsement is tainted.

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  • noodlez2: electric bugaloo


  • Skeptic

    So which opponent paid Sulaiman Brown to endorse Bonds?

  • Rob

    I thought that Sulaimon Brown had slithered out of town. The Citypaper printed this endorsement from this political nobody/fraud to create doubts in the minds of the undecided voters as to the viability of Anita Bonds as a legitimate candidate. While the politics of DC is in truly a dismal state, I don't believe that we have reached the depths of despair where we are so desperate as to seek insights from the likes of Brown. "Undisputed hero"...only to the Post and the foolish Fenty followers.

  • sticktoyourguns

    Even more of a reason not to vote for her.

  • Shela

    All this hatred for Sulaimon Brown. He must be a pretty good guy. Usually when people say negative things about someone, that person is doing something right.I was undecided, but I will definately be casting my vote for Anita Bonds, because I believe Mr. Brown's message is positive and makes sense.

  • leelee

    I probably wouldn't have voted for her until I read what the Washington Post said about her association with Marion Barry and that she is tainted. She has been in this city for years unlike Mr. Mara who unseated Carol Schwartz. He knew he did not have the name recognition to win city wide as a Republican he did not care about the party and ran and lost.

  • michaeliceman

    I am no Brown fan and I have my own issues with him.

    He may be brderline insane, but what he said about the 2010 election turned out to be more than a notion.

    People say that he could not connect the dots directly to the mayor but he connected them to everyone else.

  • Drez

    Crazy like a fox.

  • mizwillis

    Yeah!! A rabid fox.

  • Drez

    No doubt he's rabid. No doubt he was right in what he accused Gray & Co of, either.
    It's a shame. It really is.

  • mizwillis

    #20: & Co Yes, according to Brooks' admission and Machem's charge. However, Lorraine Green and Vincent Gray have not admitted to SB's accusations and Ron Machem has not accused either of them so why is it that you feel justified in doing so?

    Are you wishing and hoping Green and Gray will be indicted, or are you privy to what goes on in the US Attorney's office? If the latter, that in itself causes a lack of confidence in the office's creditability. Information of that nature should only be put out by the US Attorney. To do otherwise is an injustice to each and every person who is being investigated by them. Not a lawyer, but I think it's called due process.

    If the former, then I guess that is just your personality and there's nothing I can say about that. Still, I can't help but wonder why anyone who comes across as intelligent and articulate in some instances goes so far off the mark where people's inalienable rights are concerned.

    And more importantly, why would you want the Mayor of your city to be indicted, charged, and/or incarcerated because someone who really is guilty of crimes tried to pull the Mayor into his cesspool? I just don't get it!!!

  • drez

    Because those people were top level paid executive staff who worked directly for Gray and were responsible for managing his election strategy. That tells me (and any honest person who has worked on campaigns or in executive situations) that he is guilty too.
    There is simply no way he didn't approve of and manage this.