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Vince Gray to give 13 percent raises over 4 years to most city workers raises. [Post]

AFCSME's Geo Johnson (whose union hall used to house Gray campaign meetings featuring Vernon Hawkins) says he'll support a Gray re-election bid. [Examiner]

AAA's John Townsend calls David Alpert a "nerd," "ninny" and "developmentally retarded." [WCP]

Vote Elissa Silverman, says LL's bosses. [WCP]

Gray's school budget panned. [Post]

Forensic accountant looking over Jeff Thompson's Medicaid books. [Post]

Kenyan McDuffie to the city's IG: what is wrong with you? [Post]

Ben Olsen supports budget autonomy and so should you. [Post]


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    Surprise, CP endorses Silverman. But the "uncomfortable" waffling on her before the endorsement is hilarious. Translation: "yeah, she sucks but she is our kind of suck... but she did release her tax returns.... ok, good gimmick.... ok, go with her!"......LOL, no way!

    Suderman for Mayor in 2014!!

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    Vote Elissa.

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    There was zero reluctance in the CP's assessment of Bonds and Mara and the disappointing ways they handled their campaigns. The only reluctance I sensed from CP in regards to Elissa was their natural reluctance to endorse someone that used to work for the paper. They said she was right on the issues.

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    I think David Alpert is emotionally stunted and as thin skinned as a child's balloon, but AAA is still anathema to DC's way of life.

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    Anathema is that Aretha's baby daughter's name?

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