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Elections Board and Michael Brown Both Weighing What Would Happen if Brown Wins

What if former Councilmember Michael Brown, who abruptly quit the at-large D.C. Council race earlier this month, were to still win the most votes in the April 23 special election? Would Brown be declared the victor, or would the second-highest vote getter win the seat?

Turns out, the Board of Elections doesn't actually know and its general counsel is at the moment "carefully reviewing" the city's laws and regulations now "to determine the outcome should [Brown] receive more votes than any other candidate" in the special election, says BOE spokeswoman Agnes Moss.

The chances of Brown winning the most votes are slimmer than slim, though not impossible. He's dropped out and sent a letter to the BOE "irrevocably" withdrawing his candidacy on Monday, but his name will still be on the ballot. Remember that the 2010 election showed that the name "Michael Brown" does well with D.C. voters even when the Michael A. Brown isn't running.

Debbie Smith-Steiner, a former campaign aide for Brown, says there's still plenty of Brown supporters who might still vote for their guy anyway. She says she recently asked Brown whether he'd serve if he won and didn't get a direct answer. But Brown did say that the ill-defined personal and family matters that led him to resign are "still unresolved," according to Smith-Steiner.

"I did ask him straight up, and he said he is always willing to serve," Smith-Steiner says. "You know how these politicians are, they are never going to be direct."

Brown didn't immediately respond to a text message seeking comment.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • truth hurts dc

    Michael Brown belongs in jail. The apple has fallen very far from the tree this time. The man cannot even make his financial responsibilities.

    Karma....Mike B, Karma...

  • Whats in a name

    What is Debbie Smith-Steiner on? I want some.

  • Whats in a name

    " But Brown did say that the ill-defined personal and family matters that led him to resign are "still unresolved," ...meaning he has not been indicted yet.

  • drez

    His signs are still up.

  • truth hurts

    Vote Brown!

  • FormerBrownSupporter


  • political hack

    Brown over Bonds anyday. Hell give me Gurley over Bonds.

  • drez

    Is more than one Truth Hurts commenting on CP?

  • drez

    Maybe drez

  • FormerBrownSupporter

    Jim Vance tries to throw shade towards Anita Bonds on Friday 6pm NBC news. Wasn't he a crack head(big time) back in the day???

  • southeast lady

    Former brown supporter: Yes, he was a big time drug user. However, the channel he is on stuck in there with him. We all should be so lucky; everyone should have a guardian angel,

  • mizwillis

    FBS: If we look hard enough, all of us will find someone in the family or network of close friends who has or has had a substance abuse problem. The ones who successfully overcome that problem are to be celebrated, not castigated.
    FYI: The way it was reported, Vance was not addicted to crack cocaine. Even if he had been he still has the right to 'throw shade towards' the candidate of his choice.

  • Bill

    Why doesn't the Board of Elections put up a big sign in each precinct reminding voters Brown has withdrawn from the race but it was after the ballots were printed? That might help.

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  • NE John

    I'm going vote for someone my own color. Are there any pink eye albinos running?

  • Concerned Senior

    LOL, NE John

    Your own color or race?????

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