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Unions to D.C. Women: Vote Anyone but Mara!

Women in wards 1, 2, 3, 4, and 6 who turn out for most D.C. elections should be getting mailers this weekend from union groups attacking Republican D.C. Council candidate Pat Mara.

The mailers are an independent expenditure paid for by the hotel workers union Unite Here Local 25, Laborers Local 657 and the local Service Employees International Union. They sent LL an advance copy of the two mailers, which are posted above and below.

Why just women? "The Republican agenda has attacked women issue that are working family issues for women living in the District," says Unite's political director, Samuel Epps.

Mara, who is also the beneficiary of an independent expenditure by a newly formed mystery group, calls the ads an "attempt to split up the reform vote" and says he has a strong history of advocating on behalf of the the District.

  • Wrack

    He doesn't have a strong history of doing anything. He was a lobbyist, and he's been a board member of various entities. But what has he DONE?

  • Dave

    What is mystifying to me is how he is continually portrayed as an "outsider". By what metric is Mara an outsider? Simply the fact that he lost the previous two times he ran for a Council seat?

    I don't agree with attacking him *simply* because of his Republican affiliation, but it is an absolutely fair line of questioning. After all, he continually reminds us that as a Republican he wouldn't be beholden to the Democratic party machinery in DC, and would be in a better position to lobby on behalf of District affairs before his Republican colleagues in Congress. Fair enough. Now, tell us Pat what it is about the Republican party's platform that you support? Because I'm hard pressed to identify a single issue on which the Republican party has been vocal that has been favorable to residents of the District. Mara argues that he shouldn't be judged by the national Republican party platform, and that he's truly a progressive on many issues. OK, so what *is* it about the Republican party that you agree with? Why identify yourself as a member of a political party that you're constantly having to disavow because their views apaprently don't align with yours?

  • Mr. 53 Percent

    I love it when Mara says he's a socially progressive Republican. I guess that's why he supported Romney who sought to de-fund Planned Parenthood, end abortion rights for women.

    Mara is a total phony.

  • Citizen Sand


    " But what has he DONE?" He has played in a different sandbox Wrack! Didn't you hear about the sand, the box, the play, the difference??? He gets down to the nitty gritty in the sandbox, he plays there, its different! Get a clue dude! He could call Mitch McConnell right now and get the promise of a call back to set up a sandbox play date. He's got juice, and a cookie, and maybe a piece of fruit...

  • Citizen Sand

    Oh, and Chuck Thies is behind him, what could tell you more?

  • name

    I don't know any party more socially regressive than the DC Democratic Party and their majority black caucus.

    Among their signature issues:

    _Bad schools for poor kids at the expense of MD resident teachers

    _Virulently anti-Gay and anti-gay marriage

    _Pro-Alcoholism for black men

    _Low social welfare benefits for the neediest and high salaries for social benefit executives and boards.



    _Anti-Employment (at least the private kind that you can't dole out for votes)

  • Mr. 53 Percent

    Another reason to vote against Mara: He is against paid sick leave for restaurant workers.

  • Truth Hurts

    Mara says he gave Romney money and was his delegate only because he knew Romney wouldn't win. RIGHT!!

    So he would've supported Obama if he thought Romney had a chance? Nice logic, dude.

  • George

    Just this week he announced he would oppoose paid sick leave for restaurant workers.

    The Republican part means, at a minimum, that he would favor favor corporations and developers over workers' rights and the interests of working and middle class people.

    "Reform" should be a good thing. It's sad that conservatives are trying to turn it into something that means undermining fair working conditions and advocating against social welfare programs.

    Please, do eliminate corruption! By all means, maximize transparency. Honestly, I don't see how that aligns with handing corporations the keys to the city.

    Don't split the reform vote by voting for Mara.

  • noodlez



  • JL

    Founder of DC for Obama and leader of POTUS' election efforts in the District weighs in, against the above tactics:

  • George

    That's not an Anita Bonds piece. There are several non-Republicans in the race.

  • elephant in the room

    the elephant in the room is not patrick mara, but Anita Bonds. There should be a health requirement for people running.

    Anita Bonds is Linda Cropp II.

  • speaker of truth and honesty

    You are are simply dumb asses. First off this is paid for by the same unions who are mainly made up of Maryland residents. Further these same groups are also the groups who were trying to get excluded from the original legislation. I know is because I'm one of the ones to get in special language to to include them bastards.

    Now they want to include restaurants when SEIU 32bj was in favor of this because they were trying to organize restaurant workers, them and the local UFCW. The same UFCW who is trying to force walmart to pay 13 an hour while they only negotiate 11.50 or less for their members.

    Now let me talk about how these are the same groups who also pushed Harry Crook Ass Thomas, Kwame Stolen Loaded Brown and Marion Barry. Yeah let's trust them on these issues. But yeah we are running with Bonds who has been in all of there corners. The same one who as head of the DC Democratic Party agreed to pay a few fines even though they said nothing wrong. Damn, sounds like Harry Thomas's Defense.

    You all need to learn what has really happened and what is truly going on or shut up. But then again why would I expect more from you idiots.

  • Typical DC BS

    Oh yeah, the unions really do want to help DC women. Spare us that drivel. Unions are an anachronism that should be banned from being able to form and negotiate with government entities. In no other relationship does a union get to pay for and elect the managers on the other side of the table who decide employee compensation. Some day the DC government will be forced to enter the 21st century and stop these parasitic organizations from forcing employees to join them in order to work.

  • Whats in a name

    @ name

    Thanks for weighing in Chuck.

    At least the Democratic Party establishment had the good sense to get Crystal "Mrs. Harold Brazil" Palmer back in the saddle, after she was so unceremoniously dumped by the evil Adrian Fenty. Now she can not finish what she spent 20 years being unable to get started. Crystal can do nuthin'! She is a woman with a job with a high salary, tons of perqs, and absolutely no expectations.

  • SEis4ME

    The flier and entire campaign against him is silly. I'm not voting for the man but I really don't care that he's a republican and actually do believe that having political diversity w/in the council actually IS a good thing. I personally can't say I've ever seen or heard of a politician (whose political party is opposite that of the majority of his constituents and governed in a way in complete opposition to what to what the voters he needs to win. Anyone have suggestions? Oh ok.

    There will likely ever be a time where DC votes to rescind the right for homosexuals to marry, women's and anybody else's rights. So using the "republican card" in this manner only demonstrates the lack of serious opposition to him beyond the fact that's he's a republican.

    His record vs. Elissa Silverman's own less than impressive one. Really?

    He's a republican. Leave it at that.

  • tntdc

    Catania gave money to Bush and was a Bush delegate once. He's been great as one of the few reform voices. And how could you be more "Republican" than business's Jack Evans, regardless whether he has a (D) after his name.

    Bonds will be another voice of the corrupt Democratic State Committee in the DC Council echo chamber.

  • Anyone But Mara/Bonds

    Who says you have to vote for either Mara or Bonds? Elissa Silverman has a real record of reform: http://www.elissa2013.com/bio

  • Mr. 53 Percent

    It would be great to have another Catania on the council. But Mara has done nothing in his "career" to suggest he would be that tenacious watchdog. He's a career insider: GOP aide, lobbyist for Exxon, and consultant.

    His most prominent career achievement appears to be simply running for office.

    Mara's resume doesn't suggest he will apply the same rigorous oversight to people in power as Mr. Catania.

    Silverman, as former reporter and budget watchdog, on the other hand does have the experience. She could be the next Catania.

  • CatsbadDogsgood

    I'm not voting for Elissa because she is a crazy cat woman.Ozmond! I like Mara cause he seems like a Golden Retriever kinda guy with a name like Duke.

  • CatsbadDogsgood

    Btw- Zukerberg's 420 Party brings new meaning to Fired Up, Ready to Go!

  • SEis4ME

    What particular experience does being a reporter grant you as it relates to political office? Does it qualify you to be mayor? Council Chair? Anything? Of course it doesn't and nobody would ever assume such..until now. DC's Budget is not suffering. So what does her experience as some sort of budget person provide DC residents? Because she can read? Well I hope so.

    Where is Silverman's support? Who are the big names supporting her candidacy? She's represents just what DC does NOT need.

    I nominate Alan Suderman as the next CM. And then Mike Madden. Their reporting background obviously qualifies them for office.

  • aa

    Mara's idea of reform is to harass teachers unions and slash social services. That's not the kind of reform we need - that's why I'm voting for Elissa Silverman. She is committed to uplifting all DC residents and can't be accused of pulling punches when it comes to calling out corruption at the Wilson building.

  • Mike Madden


    If nominated, I will not run. If elected, I will not serve.

  • HillRes

    Mara has my vote.

  • Bob

    I'm pro-union on a lot of things, but these union hacks are out of touch. Using John McCain as the GOP bogeyman?! So 2008. Aren't there others they can find.

    I get that the public employee unions would love to see "Barry Bonds" stay in, a council member born and bred in the good old DC corrupt political culture. But most voters won't buy it. There are several good candidates (NOT including Bonds), and at least Mara would be good in an oversight role. And having more of a two-party system would be good for DC governance.

  • Hope and Change

    I am going to vote for Patrick Mara in spite of his Republican affiliation.

    I think we need a little diversity (R's and D's) in DC public office for checks and balances. If Mara wins, maybe that will strike a little fear into our entrenched Democratic party and remind them that they are supposed to be working for the benefit of us, the voters, not just to enrich themselves

  • Hope and Change

    Alan S.

    How much was the "independent expenditure paid for by the hotel workers union Unite Here Local 25, Laborers Local 657 and the local Service Employees International Union."?

    Was it a couple hundred bucks or thousands??

  • noodlez






  • SEis4ME

    Mike, sorry dude but you owe it to your readers to consider serving. Ok sure, as w/those arguing in favor of Silervman, I don't know much about your experience but your time as a reporter surely qualifies you to hold office. You would at least be able to ask the right questions considering how important a skill that is :)

  • truth hurts

    How much dough did Bonds pocket at the Wilmot/Thompson leech hoedown yesterday? Same old fat cats putting down security deposits on their rent a council member fave.
    For those folks sick of pay to play politics, there's only one Democratic candidate not playing the game.

  • Bob

    Not only is Anita Bonds (1) ethically challenged, she is(2) unaccountable (as DC Democratic chair she finagled her appointment to the Council vacancy, Cheney-style), and (3) arrogant and contemptuous of real voters (regularly failing to show up to candidate forums). She's also kind of stupid. When she took the Council vacancy for herself, she was asked if she would give up her day job with Fort Meyer Construction, DC's largest road contractor. She responded that she had asked Fort Meyer if they thought her Council position would be a problem, and they told her "No." I'm sure they did, "Barry" Bonds, I'm sure they did!

  • DesertRat

    Hmmmmmm, let's see now, the unions, criminals, idiots and hacks are for Bonds, the Soviet-style Socialists support Silverman. Mara owns/operated a restaurant, scrambles by with an ebay business, used to work for a liberal Republican in the Senate. I'm for Mara.

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