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African-American voters will elect of their "own," says Anita Bonds. [Post]

Mary Cheh calls David Grosso a shill for his former health insurance bosses. [Post]

Pat Mara for council, says Jonetta Rose Barras. [Examiner]

Mara for council, says Chuck Thies. [NBC4]

Phil Mendelson questioning why mayor's budget includes an additional $31.7 million in traffic camera revenues. [Examiner]

DCPS not meeting enrollment projections. [Post]

Marion Barry loves Scandal. [Examiner]

Job centers need work, report finds. [Post]

  • Ward5Dude

    Anita Bonds story is a link to DCPS....

  • Anonymous
  • Mr. 53 Percent

    So the guy who helped Jim Graham get elected wants Pat Mara. No thanks. And the conservative Barras thinks the Romney Republican Mara is filled with fresh ideas like -- encouraging Ward 8 residents to start their own businesses which Barry has been advocating for years. I'm starting to understand why no one votes.

  • tony

    Anita Bonds is absolutely correct. I have been saying the same thing for a long time only to have other so-called black folks to disagree.

    Black folks must understand that black political representation is the key to their collective survival. However, too many black folks have this false sense that unless white folks approves of their leadership that they are insufficient.

    I have said this before and I will say it again. White folks in general do not trust black folks with their affairs. In other words, white folks, in general, distrust black governance. While there are many who will disagree with that statement, they will have a hard time explaining why this Country in its 200 plus years of existence has only had 1 black person as a senator or 1 or 2 black governors. The answer is easy. White folks won't vote for black candidates over their own particularly for national public offices. It's as simple as that!

    Again, I have no problem with a Polish voter supporting a Polish candidate, a Latino voter supporting a Latino candidate or a Jew voter supporting a Jewish candidate. And so on. That's a good thing and it bespeak of one's respect for their values and culture.

    The problem comes into play when a person of a certain race exalts their own by crushing others. That's a problem and it’s wrong. However, that's what we see every day from certain media outlets that condemns and diminishes black political players with the sole intent to elevate others.

    Black folks must vote for one of their own in this election or their future in this city will hang in the balance.

  • Stephon

    I agree totally...


  • NE John

    Whatever Tony, she should not say it in public. That was stupid.

  • NE John

    The city is changing rapidly, fossils like Bonds and Graham will not serve the city well.

  • Mr. 53 Percent

    I just wish there was someone better than Bonds. No way I'm voting for her.

  • RealDC

    @Tony- Many good points. Sad but true.

    At this time I will sit this election out, Bonds has no appeal for me. This is the worse council race in recent years.

  • DCGovcorruption

    Anita does not possess the ethics or necessary intelligence skills to represent the city at large. This was a political hack of the worst kind while working for kwame brown, and due to her lack of administrative/management skills, she was fired from the Tony Williams administration.

  • tony

    DCGovcorruption writes: Anita does not possess the ethics or necessary intelligence skills to represent the city at large.

    Says who?

    It just amazing that this statement would be applied to the only black candidate in the entire race who could win the election.

    It’s even more telling that this statement also implies that the candidates who do “possess the ethics or necessary intelligence skills to represent the city at large” are all white.


  • dcgovcorruption

    As a black man, i have overcome politicians who attempt to use
    race to get elected. Speak about the issues that impact dc residents
    and offer solutions not race cards.

  • citydude

    Sorry to say some of the black politicians.. like Micheal Brown, Kwame brown, Harry Thomas, Marion Barry and now Anita Bonds..like to keep black voters in the city and that is why there is so much give away of Tax payers Money..Check out today's Wall Street Journal..Clearly we pay more than 10, 349 per person on health care (Second highest is New York and that is at $7650)! I am sure if there was a study on homelessness or food subsidies, Washington DC will be number one(Households making less than $32000)! We collect more taxes from working folks to support non working people and that number in DC is 40% that is the number put out by CFO's office. there is a list of 17000 people waiting for subsdized housing. Governmnt should only help people for a short time and not for generation after generation. They are not helping poor folks they are actually making them dependent and are punishing them for life..A dependent household should not recieve more than 5 years of help and not all at the same time.

  • tony


    You are the one who made that silly and racist statement not me. And Clarence Thomas is also a black man.

    White folks in this city have voted along racial lines since the inception of home rule and no one pretending to be black had anything to say about it.

    Specifically, David Grosso received literally over 90 percent of the white vote and it was ok. Patrick Mara has pleaded with the white voters to vote for him, as the white candidate, in this election. And it’s ok. Tommy Wells and Jack Evans have catered to their white constituents more than to their black constituents and that seems to be ok.

    But when a black woman appeals to black voters to give her a shot then a bunch of black tap dancers go and run to get their white gloves and black shoes to do the white man’s bidding.


  • tony


    At least your racist statement makes clear where you stand. Your views are shared by many racists in this city including the ones who are too ashamed to be so overt.

    It's not your fault that you are so pathetic, you were born that way.


  • dcgovcorruption

    In 1978, Mr. Barry won the democratic primary because of white voters,
    in 1990, Ms. Pratt won the democratic primary because of white voters,
    and in 1998, Mr. Williams won the democratic primary because of white
    voters. DC is a great city with fantastic opportunities for all of its residents.

  • tony


    In 1978, Barry won WITH and not BECAUSE of white voters.
    In 1990, Ms. Pratt won WITH and not BECAUSE of white voters.
    In 1998, Mr. Williams won WITH and not BECAUSE of white voters.

    Fact: NEVER in the history of this city has a black candidate received the white vote over an ELECTABLE white candidate.

    Fact: NEVER in the history of this city has a black candidate ever unseated a white incumbent.

    Fact: NEVER in the history of this city have wards dominated by whites like ward 3 ever had a black councilmember.

    Fact: Predominately black wards in recent years(wards1 and 6)have elected white councilmembers. It has never been the other way around.

    Fact: Within the last 5 years more than 40 thousand black residents have been forced out of this city.


  • cminus

    @tony, in the 1998 mayoral primary, Jack Evans finished a distant third behind Anthony Williams and Kevin Chavous. Evans lost the white vote to Williams, which enabled Williams to win an absolute majority of all votes cast in a six-way race and carry six of the city's eight wards, with Chavous winning Wards 7 and 8. I submit that if Jack Evans is not an electable white candidate, nobody is.

    I also note that John Wilson continued to win election in Ward 2 long after the ward had a clear white majority. It's true that Ward 2 wasn't as heavily white as Ward 3, but if you're going to say Ward 2 wasn't "dominated by whites like Ward 3", then the only ward dominated by whites like Ward 3 is Ward 3 itself. And Ward 3 is as white as Wards 7 or 8 are black, and I don't think anyone would say there's anything suspicious about why a white candidate has never represented either of those wards.

  • drez

    Tony: It's 2013. Polish and Jewish voters are no longer distinct ethnic groups who vote for their own. Latino voters are, at least among 1st and 2nd generations. But not so much after that.
    You would say that you are just acting in response to reality as it is. I don't entirely disagree but, more and more as the years go by, your reactions actually create the same reality you profess to disapprove of.
    Some day, in your and my lifetime, you'll need to get with the times.
    The world will be a happier place for it.

  • tony


    -Your analysis which seems to be designed to discredit my contention that White voters have never voted for a black candidate over an “ELECTABLE” white candidate in this city is well respected yet highly flawed.

    First, your premise which supports the contrary view is based on the presupposition that an "ELECTABLE" candidate is one with a high profile name and the right political pedigree as in the case of a Jack Evans.

    In your analysis of the 1998 Mayoral race, you surmise that the white vote went to one of the black candidate although an "electable" white candidate was in the race. And herein lies the problem with your analysis. Jack Evans was not an 'ELECTABLE" candidate in that race. The mere fact that he was a well-known political figure did not make him an 'Electable" candidate.

    An electable candidate is one who can succeed within a "particular" political environment. The particular political environment at that time was that this city was very liberal and very black. Within that environment, a Jack Evans could not succeed in a Mayoral race and he did not. Likewise, Marion Barry is perhaps the most renowned politician in this city; however, even he would not be an “electable" candidate in certain parts of this city.

    Again, Jack Evans was not an "electable" candidate in the operative race and the white vote went to the black candidate that was electable.

    -You also noted that John Wilson was able to be re-elected in Ward 2 even when the demographics began to shift. Again, Mr. Wilson’s base in Ward 2 was the black community which was strong and solid and the marginal shift in the demographics had no impact on his ability to be re-elected.

    -Finally, your contention that the integrity of Ward 3 voters should be no more impugned for not ever electing a person of color as their councilmember than the voters of ward 7 or 8. This proposition essentially endorses my overall contention that voters do in fact vote along racial lines and always have.

    In any event, I do appreciate the spirit in which you made your comment.

  • Mahdi Leroy J. Thorpe, Jr.

    Geetings Tony -

    You make excellent points on racist thinking and racist statements regarding this post as well some Blacks whom are just as bad as Clarence Thomas and really wish they were not Black.

    I don't believe in supporting a candidate of my color just because they are Black - they have to earn my vote. Anita Bonds is selfish and phony and will not get my vote. Many of the Black local politicians and activist's in this city have lost their perspective for advocating for Black's to become responsible parents, maintaining their morality, supporting self-help concepts to compete in American society, engage in school and civic affairs, mentor youth's, build businesses and spend their monry wisely to build welath instead of throwing their wealth on alcohol, soda's, chips, fast food's, designer clothing and parties. The Black leadership has failed Black people and it is not only local it is national and international.

    The current field of candidates for the At-Large City Council race is weak and I don't believe any of them will reprensent the interests and issues of Black people in this city.

    You can't say white people are responsible for pushing Black's out of DC when Black people were in charge of the local governing branch - Black politicians simply sold Black people out for wealth, power and selfish desires and used Black people to race bait in order to get elected. Black politicians did not prepare Black's to prepare for gentrification - I saw this move in my neighorhood with the new Conventioan Center and warned people to buy homes - I took personal responsibility to stop paying rent and buy my home and if I had not done it I could not blame anyone except myself.

    It is unfortunate that race play's a role in local, national and international relations - but it is what it is.

  • tony

    @Mahdi Leroy J. Thorpe, Jr.

    You too make excellent points many of which I agree. And I have heard the constant complaints made by black folks about black leaders in this town. I have issued similar complaints on this very blog.

    That being said, black political representation is still critical. And, without it, black folk’s quality of life will diminish tremendously. I am of the school of thought that when our political leaders fail to represents our interests than they should be replaced by other black political leaders.

    Moreover, while we agree that black leaders have not done enough for the black folks in this city, can we also agree that but for black leadership and black governance that the thousands of blacks holding city jobs may not have been. Can we agree that the thousands upon thousands of small black businesses that received government contracts over the years who then hired and trained other black folks may not have been? Can we agree that the black professionals who are the bedrock of the black community in this city may not have been? Can we agree that the city's black department heads that tends to ensure that black workers are treated fairly may not have been? Can we agree that all the social programs executed by black politicians that gave untold number of black residents a wholesome life may not have been? Can we agree that the millions of dollars spent on the city's social safety net which protected thousands of innocent black babies may not have been? Can we agree that the enhanced quality of life for black folks collectively may not have been?

    Again, black politicians need to do more but black folks need to be more as well. I guess, Fredrick Douglas said it best:

    “Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will. Find out just what any people will quietly submit to and you have found out the exact measure of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them, and these will continue till they are resisted with either words or blows, or both. The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress.”

  • RealDC

    @mahdileroyjthorpejr- You are right on point!

    Anita Bonds is a bad choice on EVERY level. The race and gender card does not save her. She was fired by Tony Williams for good reason and its amazing that a "loop" hole in DC's charter allows a "broken, dysfunctional" organization like the democratic state committee to appoint an interim council member. Then the chair of this "hot mess" group, puts herself into office. With her lousy azz record!

    Now, its the black electorate's fault if the council gets another "white one"..... meanwhile, we have to hold our noses and vote Bonds...... I say no more.... the day is over for these "old-guard" bamas. Barry was the best politician this city has seen to date. But his and his cronies days ARE OVER!! The "old guard" bamas have blowned it by not mentoring and bringing along the younger generation. The "old bamas" are selfish and greedy, they do not want to let go. But the time has come for the 'old guard" bamas to GO!!

    Bring on the "best" candidates, not these old clowns!

  • Mahdi Leroy J. Thorpe, Jr.

    Tony & RealDC - I enjoy the intelligence and dignity you two bring to this blog.

  • KeepIt100

    Strategically it makes sense for African Americans to vote according to their interests. Everyone else does it. And, yes, race is a factor. Tony is right, African Americans don't traditionally trust white people and vice versa when it comes to politics. Aside from Adrian Fenty who made clear on which side of his ancestry he would govern toward which was ultimately his undoing.

  • Truth

    @RealDC Your facts are wrong. Anita Bonds was NOT fired by Anthony Williams. She was intrumental in his bringing good constituent services to you and me and has his trust today. The State Committee, which has over 80 people who represent all wards and demographics selected her with 77% of the vote. As for mentoring youth, Anita started a mentoring program at Georgetown U and worked at the Perry Center where she mentored disadvantaged youth and adults.

  • SEis4ME

    Oh please!

    If black people didn't "really" trust whites and the same was true in the reverse, then both groups wouldn't have love affairs w/Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.

    This is utter nonsense.

  • RealDC

    @truth- Will check facts.

    Now, I do know the State Committee under her chairmanship has had several issues. Unaccounted money, unauthorized expenditures, irregular accounting procedures, etc. Fines were issued and Vincent Orange was instrumental in saving the DSC and her AZZ!!

    We want accountable leadership, not OLD Guard BAMA antics. Fenty did say, some folks in this town want to "go back to the '90s" I will add the '80s to that.

    Bonds is a '80s and '90s politician, pimping her race to get elected. Lazy, questionable, no platform, no vision, campaign is not going to work. Bonds is on the "hook me up" campaign trail. "Barry, hook me up in ward 8." "Bowser, hook me up in ward 4". etc

    Obama, Corey Booker and Deval Patrick, etc have moved black folks forward with responsible, visionary, accountable leadership.

  • tony

    Anita Bonds is the only viable choice for black folks in this election.

    It's just amazing that this woman has more than 30 years of political, social and community activism in this city where she has done a lot for a lot of people. Her record of political achievements and personal sacrifices for the good of others far surpasses that of her opponents.

    Yet, she is attacked while others in this race is given a free pass and even praised. Again, they all happen to be white.

    Clearly, anyone who would tell black folks to stay at home on Election Day and essentially give political power away is not really thinking in our best interest. We as a people have endured all the political tricks in the world when it comes to voting suppression.

    I submit that the attacks on Mrs. Bonds by those who claim to be black are only an effort to suppress the black vote. However, I can assure you that this will not happen. Blacks are going to vote and Anita Bonds will be elected!

    Moreover, anyone who tells blacks to vote for someone like a Corey Booker who is hated by blacks in New Jersey says a lot. In fact, Corey Booker and Adrian Fenty are friends and their politics are identical. Sorry, but blacks in this city do not what another Adrian Fenty or anyone of his ilk?

  • noodlez



  • drez

    Who's responsible for taking down the Michael Brown signs that are still up all over the city?

  • tony


    REALDC, but he is scared to come off the porch.

  • RealDC

    @tony-LOL! That's a good one.
    After your candidate loses, lets get you ready to run in 2014??

    "Moreover, anyone who tells blacks to vote for someone like a Corey Booker who is hated by blacks in New Jersey says a lot. In fact, Corey Booker and Adrian Fenty are friends and their politics are identical. Sorry, but blacks in this city do not what another Adrian Fenty or anyone of his ilk?"

    Above is your take on Booker. Really? Booker is finishing his second term as Mayor of Newark....and "blacks in Jersey hate him"....so, who put him in office in Newark? All the White folks in Newark? Here is some insight, Newark is 52% Black & 25% white, so if they hate him like you said, then how hell did he win re-election? Also, he is running for the Senate seat in 2014, I guess you and your "NJ Black folks" are NOT supporting him? But you are carrying water for Anita Bonds like she is the Messiah. LMAO!

    Get real, Tony!

  • tony


    Corey Booker will lose that Senate race because as a black man he is not white enough no matter how much you or he thinks so. What part of no don't you understand? Just look at your great Senate and tell me how many blacks you see. And why is that the case in this race neutral society?

    No, you get real and stop pretending to be a “real” black person. Your game is over! Black folks know that you are some clown trying to do them in. IT WON'T WORK!

    Now go and get ready for your next mistral show. And don’t forget to paint your face.