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Pat Mara and Elissa Silverman call each other names. [Post]

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  • truth hurts

    So Mara responds to Silverman's comment about his support of Romney by saying he knew Romney couldn't win?!?
    What if he thought Romney was going to win? Would Mara have backed Obama? Is a guy who uses such twisted logic someone worth voting for?

  • noodlez


  • Lukas

    At what point is the Silverman campaign going to report its expenses (real and in-kind) related to the petition challenge to Zukerberg and Settles?

  • Mr. 53 Percent

    Mara makes no sense. He should stick to selling crap on Ebay.

  • truth hurts

    Nice try. Except Silverman's campaign didn't spend a dime on those challenges. The challenge was made by a private citizen, not by her campaign. Btw, at what point is Fruman going to stop taking contributions from convicted felons like Jemal? Or from corporations with government contracts?

  • Lukas

    Right, not a coordinated effort with a public citizen who happens to be a $1000 contributor like Tacelosky? And what about any legal fees? Those should be disclosed. It was clearly coordinated with and by the Silverman campaign. It was noted on the WAMU forum this afternoon. They used the same lists as the I70 effort. That costs money. Either in-kind or actual. It should be disclosed by the candidate who is purporting to be open, accountable and transparent.

  • truth hurts

    Be honest. It wasn't "noted" by kojo, rather zuckerberg interrupted Elissa's answer to a different question and made that accusation, which she answered as I posted: the campaign didn't' spend a dime. If you have evidence to the contrary, file a complaint. But don't play fast and loose with the facts. And don't forget one city's bff, jemal, and his love for frumin.

  • Lukas

    Where is Frumin coming up?

    This is about the candidate that is purportedly all about ethics, accountability and transparency. She clearly has a list of voters that came from somewhere. She clearly has a list, either related to I70 or otherwise that was mined by a private investigator as it relates to the challenge of both Zukerberg and Settles petitions.

    She probably had legal help as well. These are all costs that should be noted in a filing - either as a hard cost or as an in-kind contribution.

    So, a challenge to the accountability candidate - please share the actual facts with the voters!

  • truth hurts

    As I thought. You have no evidence. Re frumin, he's coming up because you're attacking elissa while vigorously backing frumin, hoping to peel off her voters.But you already knew that.

  • Lukas

    When did I back Frumin?

    Great. I will like to hear from Ms. Silverman her explanation and expenditures related to this matter. She is the one claiming to be ethical, accountable and transparent. if her surrogates, such as truth hurts are simply claiming thee is nothing there, that isn't good enough.

    It would be nice if there were real journalists covering this race, rather than the BS horse race stuff we always get.

  • truth hurts

    You've posted dozens of comments on here and Wapo attacking her ethics, yet you have no proof. She's the only candidate not taking dough from PACs and corporations. She's been endorsed by Kathy Patterson, an honest well regarded woman. Also by Grasso, who has pushed for finance reform. You heard her answer on kojo, maybe you should listen again. Or why don't you ask her yourself? You don't care for the facts I'm sure. Vote for your pay to play candidate of choice. Silverman's not one of them. And have the last word since you had the first as well. I'm tired of your empty claims.

  • Lukas

    Attacks rather than substance. Well played. Right out of Saul Alinsky.