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Michael Brown’s Campaign Does the Harlem Shake

The Internet moves pretty fast. Faster, apparently, than D.C. Council candidate Michael Brown's campaign. Below is a just-released video of Brown-campaign-sign-bearing kids doing the Harlem Shake. Even someone as old and unhip as LL knows that the Harlem Shake is no longer cool. February 2013 called; it wants its meme back.

Watch the woman second from the left in the video—her unenthusiastic movements will confirm what LL is saying.

  • Daddy Grace Fish Sandwich

    This is foolishness! I will not be voting for Michael Brown. The guy is an opportunist and the voters have alreadt stated, they were not please with his past performance on the D.C.Council by voting his ass out of office. Michael Brown, please disappear.

  • IAmNotALiberalDemocrat

    Michael Brown and his campaign are a joke. These kids are acting like bafoons.

  • http://www.edudyniomics.org T. Anthony

    Looks like a set-up to me! Wake up!

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  • name

    Ha ha ha! It's the adios, see you latah shake!

  • Michael Brown Supporter

    I guess he'll be shaking his ass all the way to the pokey! HA-HA