Loose Lips

Morning Clicks

Marion Barry announces surprise bid for mayor, says city needs "proven" leadership. [Post]

City administrative judges want to unionize, says supposedly pro-labor Vince Gray isn't helping. [Post]

D.C. code is copyright. [Times]

D.C. garnished $1.7 million in tax refunds. [Examiner]

Gray "delighted" to have Ken Ellerbe as fire chief. [Examiner]

Chamber of Commerce wants lower sales tax. [Examiner]

Banneker Ventures repaying $400,000 loan to housing finance agency over failed Metro bid. [Post]

  • B

    LOL! You got me.

  • Art

    I, for one, want to say thanks for the Rick Astley sir! And, you got me too, btw.

  • 2tellthetruth

    April fools and jokers(some are fools 24-7). An some are just plain old criminals claiming to be politicians

  • Sean Andrews

    It's no MegaFool, but it's good to see you've still got it...