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Morning Clicks

Florida congressman compares D.C.'s budget to his kids' allowance. [Fox5]
D.C. a city of tree haves and tree have-nots. [Post]
Vince Gray says he has a plan to clean up Jeff Thompson's $70 million mess. Awkward. [WBJ]

Morning Clicks

D.C. GOP boss loses it, wanted Pat Mara to sign NRA pledge. [Post]
New ethics board wants more power, including ability to recommend expulsion of councilmembers. [Examiner]
Most D.C. voters just don't care. [Examiner]

Plurality Rules

One by one they came to celebrate at the Channel Inn, the Southwest waterfront hotel, restaurant, and bar whose glory days are long gone. Once a favorite hangout of Marion Barry, his mayoral administration’s insiders, and various hangers-on during the ’80s, the quirky joint will soon be torn down to make way for what seems [...]

Morning Clicks

Anita Bonds, winner. [Post]
Elissa Silverman defies and mocks skeptics, sets herself up nicely for another run. [LL, Post]
Pat Mara didn't do so well. [LL]

Anita Bonds Wins D.C. Council Special Election

Councilmember Anita Bonds credited broad support among elected officials, labor groups, and longtime D.C. political activists for helping her win the at-large special election tonight and hold on to the seat that she was appointed to last year.
"It took all of us, every little drop every little piece," Bonds told supporters tonight at the Channel Inn [...]

Who Needs a Crowd When You’ve Got 43,438 Votes?

Victory had already been declared by the time I arrived at DC Vote's election-night party on the roof of The Brixton on U Street NW after 10 p.m., and the crowd had thinned out. But a celebratory odor of cigar smoke hung over the intimate gathering: More than 83 percent of voters said yes to the [...]

Creeping Pessimism at Silverman HQ

The Union Kitchen spread is chocolaty and delicious and the Porkslap free-flowing, but there's a growing sense of unease at Elissa Silverman's election-night party as the at-large D.C. Council returns trickle in. Silverman's currently in a solid second place, but 10 percentage points behind incumbent Anita Bonds with more than half of precincts reporting.
So how [...]

Ain’t No Party Like a Patrick Mara Party

Cautious optimism at the Patrick Mara party at Columbia Heights' the Coupe has soured into maybe-next-year, as the election returns turned against the GOP candidate even before his 20-something campaign volunteers could get Board of Election results on the TV.
On hand for the switch: former Phil Mendelson campaign volunteer Nicole Whiteman, who ditched Democratic candidates [...]

Paul Zukerberg’s D.C. Council Campaign Burns Out

A moment after arriving at Hank's Oyster Bar in Dupont tonight, Paul Zukerberg ordered himself a Maker's Mark. "It's been a long four months," he said.
The polls had just closed, and the longshot candidate—whose campaign for an at-large D.C. Council seat largely centered on the issue of marijuana decriminalization—was hoping for a decent showing in [...]

Morning Clicks

Today is the day, go vote. Polls open at 7 a.m., close at 8 p.m. [Post]
Cathy Lanier sounds paranoid about sensitive documents being left at abandoned police station, says someone is trying to set her up. [Fox5]
Post says to vote for Pat Mara, in case you missed their three other endorsements this election cycle. [Post]