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Anita Bonds Gets Her Own Power-Player Fundraiser

A few weeks ago, some of the city's biggest local lobbyists threw a fundraiser for D.C. Council candidate Michael Brown, a sign that some of the District's power brokers were getting behind Brown's bid to rejoin the Council.

But not all of the deep-pocketed power players in D.C. are getting behind Brown (whose fundraiser didn't wind up raising that much money). Next Wednesday, Councilmember Anita Bonds is set to have a fundraiser from a different set of local influence-peddlers. Among those hosting the fundraiser breakfast are Joe Mamo, the king of the city's gas stations; former Councilmember John Ray, who is one of the city's top-billing lobbyistsJerry Schaeffer, a taxi magnate who has outsized influence in the city's cab industry; and Kerry Pearson, a lobbyist who helped Fort Myer Construction (where Bonds works) keep its place atop the city's road-paving industry.

The invite to the fundraiser, after the jump:

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • Continuing to be Amazed

    First, LL that's hardly a huge powerful list! I guess LL turning a little buzzing into the jet plane's roar? I know it's been slow, but can't you find something to write about? Maybe the Mayor's proposed budget. :^)))

    Secondly, with the exception of the old (or new) "establishment" candidate: Mr. Mara of Republican fame, there is not a candidate with much political "swat".

    Mara has the Republican, WP's and other press outlets' usually failed attempts to endorse a candidate that usually don't get elected. Other than being a foil to that got Carol Schwartz boinked out for irritating the parking and business interests, Mara has done NOTHING to recommend him. He's more of "a hat with a pair of shoes under it" than any of them. (You can ask Mark Plotkin what that quote used to refer to in Chicago.)

    Finally, there seems to be a rush to discount Bonds' experience in actually working in support of her party's State Committee and as a staff member to a Council Member. I haven't seen ANYONE that has taken-on those issues of her experience. You may not like it, but she has been in public service and has a record. It would be refreshing for people to take that on directly.

    I suspect that Mr. Michael Brown, the (newly) re-minted Democratic candidate, will be the beneficiary of such lack of focus. He's stayed on his message -- though I don't know what that would be, other than "Let the Good Times Roll (again for me)". Michael used that approach to drift into office before.

    Where is Carol Schwartz when you need her?

  • sticktoyourguns

    well people if your ok with the $4.00 & more gas prices then I guess you will support Bonds...Joe Mano is who owns all of the over prices gas stations in DC. No wonder Bowser is supporting her, they both support and will vote in favor of everything Mano wants, Bowser already has!!

  • joan

    Fill Me Up & Pump Me Up With VO High Test Pimpo Joe Mamo!

  • RealDC

    .... ahhhh, yawn ..... I'm sure this group will set a DC fundraising record.... get REAL!

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  • Washingtonian8

    It is time that candidates be evaluated on their merits, their experience, their abilities and skills, their shown dedication to the city, their vision, and their temperament to be an effective city council member. I would add that the city needs council members, a Mayor, and department directors who have the talent for selecting effective, experienced, and emotionally mature staff. The superficial focus on age, appearances, who knows whom, etc., is inefficient and has damaged the inner workings of the city. The city is doing well IF you are college educated, have "hook ups," have a supportive family, have a certain look, etc. If you are high school (or less) educated, have few job "hook ups," come from a family situation with challenges, and without the "look" - you are invisible to those agencies with the supposed mission to help you. The divide between the haves and the have nots in this very expensive city is huge. Less talked about is the huge class divide (regardless of ethnicity). Little talked about is the animosity and hatred of black Americans for each other based on.... (fill in the blanks). Everyone is feeding at the public trough (filled with taxpayer dollars) - yet they use these public funds for their personal agendas, their friends and relatives, and for those they find acceptable. They all talk about it isn't about jobs, yet it's ALL about the jobs and the money. It's shameful! DC needs truly committed PUBLIC SERVANTS. Not people who think they are Kings and Queens on taxpayer money.


    Anita Bonds is a crook and no one seems to be focusing on that. She raised and used large funds to attend the Demo National Convention in Denver in 2008. The bank account used for that purpose was a secret and hidden from the rest of the State Demo Committee. Those dollars raised and spent were not reported to the Office of Campaign Finance, as is required by the law. When OCF was finally advised, they did nothing, nothing, nothing about that. I wouldn't vote for her to win ANY political seat. She is too underhanded.