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  • RealDC

    LOL.... "You cannot make chicken salad out of chicken shit"!

    That is a reminder for the Dem candidates that failed to get enough votes to get an endorsement from the ward 8 Democrats on Saturday!

    For Bonds, this was devastating. You had Barry campaigning for you in ward 8 and you got 15 votes... 15 votes?? Laughable. She will not finish in the top 3! SMH.

    Brown, got 28 votes and fell short of getting minimum for an endorsement. Yes, he is the "tallest midget", got the most votes but failed to get enough votes. LOL. Voters are NOT feeling him and his bullshit but he will get more than Bonds even with Barry's help.

    The rest of the Dem candidates are irrelevant except for Frumin and his cash. His money will get him a top 3 finish. Now, Cheh should be nervous in 2014, because Frumin can raise money and folks like him in ward 3.....Frumin in 2014 for ward 3!!

    This race is between Mara and Brown, how "likable" is Mara going to become to the rest of DC and how "unlikable" Brown has become to DC? Simple as that.

  • tony

    It was Michael Brown who performed poorly. It's Michael Brown who had the name brand and failed to get the ward 8 dems endorsement. It was Michael Brown who had campaigned in ward 8 for the last 8 years as a Councilman and failed to get the endorsement. It was Michael Brown who counted Ward 8 as his strong hold and failed to get their endorsement. It was Michael Brown who vocalized that Ward 8 is his base and failed to get the endorsement. It was Michael Brown who was under pressure to show that he had retained his supporters and he failed. Anita Bonds has never made any of those claims.

    Unlike others, I am not influenced by everything I read in the white press. The fact is that Anita Bonds went over to ward 8 for the first time in her 30 years of public service as a candidate and denied a well-known and entrenched pol from winning the endorsement in his own backyard.

    She will increase her visibility throughout the city and east of the river with the help of Barry and other true black men who are not afraid to be in the mix and does not depend on the white press to guide their thoughts.

    She will do well east of the river and in Wards 5, 6, and 4 on the day that truly matters.

    I welcome all whites to vote for Mr. Frumin, Mrs. Silverman and Patrick Mara. Because, you certainly will not get the black vote. And I am talking about black people who are really black and not those "sell-out" and "toms" and "shoe-shiners".

  • RealDC

    @Tony- I hear you on the "black pride" cry and can hear the James Brown song, "Say It Loud- I'm Black and I'm Proud" in the background. But that is not going save your candidate's campaign. Bonds is the"perceived" incumbent with the backing of Barry in his ward...... she got 15 votes????. And you gonna tell me she is going to "roll" in wards 4,5,6???

    Whatever you are eating, drinking or smoking... put it down and run away..... LOL.

  • tony

    RealDC, don't be offended. Unless, my comment applies to you and of course only you know that.

    Yes, James Brown was the man and yeah I am black and proud.LOL! I would ask you to say it but it would mean nothing!

    Again, Anita Bonds will win this campaign even if white folks and some tap-dancers believe otherwise.

    Whatever you are eating, drinking or smoking...give it back to your Master and head back to the field.

    “A man who stands for nothing will fall for anything’”
    -Malcom X

  • Golden Home Rule


    Earth to Tony, earth to Tony. It is not 1967, I repeat it is not 1967.

    what pray tell, are "true black men" except some coding for your own racism? I have never experienced Marion himself, presumably a true black man by your definition, to be such a nasty racist. "give it back to your Master and head back to the field"...Martin Luther King would be appalled by your hate, in this case clearly black on black.

    Your arguments are intellectually dishonest as well.
    Michael Brown lives in Chevy Chase, how is Ward 8 his back yard? Anita Bonds is Chairman of the DC State committee for, G'd's sake, and has been a power since Michael Brown was in diapers. You can't paint her as some neophyte. Clearly, if you can't make a substantiated logical argument, black, white, or yellow you are just a hate filled fool.

  • Smh

    Brown actually got 26 votes, not 28.

  • tony

    @Golden Home Rule,

    Somehow I believe that your concerns are legitimate thus I will give you a reprieve from one of my big ole black speeches.

    Now to you point concerning Michael Brown v. Anita Bonds in the Ward 8 dems endorsement.

    I said that Michael Brown had the advantage in this contest over Anita Bonds for several reasons. Unlike, Anita Bonds, Mr. Michael Brown was two-term incumbent who spent nearly a decade in power with the East of the River serving as his stronghold. It's what’s political pundits calls "the power of incumbency".

    With this power, Mr. Brown as do other incumbents cultivated and developed a political base consisting of community leaders and players who essentially became his loyal supporters. This base was fed an assortment of political largess.

    Again, this is known in political circles as the "gravy train". Thus, Mr. Brown and other incumbents become very difficult to beat at election time. More importantly, they always maintain some level of support even when they have been defeated which makes it possible for them to be reelected. This is what you saw at the ward 8 dems endorsement---a small group of Brown supporters coming to his rescue.

    However, it’s too late!

  • tony

    Corrections:Now to your point ...


  • Drez

    Michael Browns base is in 4, not 8.
    What this says is that Barry isnt as into Brown as some think and unless things change Ward 8 is gonna stay home.

  • tony




  • drez

    I know enough to recognize when someone is trying to spin their candidate's loss into a win.

  • Golden Home Rule


    If the race were between Anita Bonds and Michael Brown I would vote for Anita Bonds. I like Michael Brown as a person well enough but find him to be pretty much an empty suit caught up in a perpetual campaign. I don't think Anita can win.

    I saw them all arrayed last week in the ward where I live. After all the hype about Patrick Mara I was unimpressed, really, really unimpressed. He loves to go on about things over which a freshman councilman would have about zero impact and somehow the fact that he plays in the sandbox of the extreme fascist right is a big plus. This must play in Ward 3.

    I would hope that in this post Obama world this wouldn't break based on race. Just as I don't think all white people still have the oppression of blacks as their primary focus. From what I saw and heard I liked Frumin most but sadly, think Brown is likely to win.

    If I were a politically savvy black guy I would be most concerned with why the field of black candidates has been so weak as of late. Michael Brown? No danger in putting your finger in the knife drawer in this case. Harry Thomas Jr.? Even his father didn't think he had the brains to be council material. "Fully Loaded"? It doesn't even bear comment.

    For all his personal weaknesses Marion was a smart, smart guy and now we were reduced to "Fully Loaded". I can think of 10 black council staff members with 50 times the smarts of these clowns.

  • RealDC

    @Tony- In the words of Shadey Grady... "good googly moogly"... what are you talking about? "....Back to the field?" LOL.

    In 2013, black folks are diverse as any other group in the world and we want diversity in our black candidates as well. Especially in DC at this point and time. Barry is the greatest politician this city has seen to date. 11-0 in all of his elections with all of his "issues". Big respect on that, no he should NOT be mayor again.

    Now I believe their are better politicians than Barry out there but they have yet to come forward and run in DC. They need to get the courage to run and we need to get them to step forward.

    Bonds is NOT one!

  • tony


    Mrs. Bonds is one of them. IN FACT SHE’S BETTER than most of the imaginary people you are talking about because she is in the fight. A lot of our folks are afraid. They hide and sits on the porch like the cowards back in the day did...u get it!

    I will take Mrs. Bonds any day over some scared and weak diversified group.

    In the words of SAMBO: IS DAT OK BOSS.


  • tony

    drez, All of the candidates lost the Ward 8 endorsement.

    However, your boy Fenty did win but he lost the election by a landslide. Which one do you think he believes was more important?