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  • RealDC

    You just got to love Walmart and the "local monkeys" that carry their water. First , Walmart gets to put in 5/6 stores in the District. Really, how much cheap toothpaste do we need?

    Now, with local help, they are funding a grassroots outfit called "Don't Stop DC Progress"! LOL!

    Getting 6 Walmarts in one town is called progress? For who? The local "Walmart Monkeys" that are given pennies to "clear" the way for cheap toothpaste!

    Don't be mad at Walmart for dong what it does, be mad at the "cheap suit" wearing "locals" with their "ties choking their chins" that have been "shining Walmart's shoes" at the expense of DC. They will be the "ones" in the room not talking but "observing" on the periphery because they already have had their meeting with our "cash starved" politicians. It will be just "wink and nod time" at the hearing.

    This is why having "broke" council members sucks because they will sellout the community at the "smell" of a dollar. At least Jeff Thompson was local, all of his money stayed in DC, not going to the "Walmart Arkansas Mob".

    Everybody in town should have clean, white teeth with all the cheap toothpaste that is about to flood DC.

    For REAL!

  • drez

    Eff Walmart.

  • noodlez