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Vince Gray's affordable housing task force says city needs more affordable housing. [Post]

Pat Mara returns money from far-right, anti-D.C. PAC. [DCist]

Mayoral aide suggesting firefighters are "fabricating" reports of broken equipment to get out of doing work. [Examiner]

Gun control debate not focused on inner-city violence. [Post]

No new news on North Capitol Street shootings. [Post]

Charter school students doing better than DCPS students. [Examiner]

Two-year-old orphan who saw father shoot mother is doing okay. [Post]

Goodbye supercan? [DCist]

  • nowaitadaminit

    Wishful thinking on the FEMS debacle. Time for long time non DC residents to go to work for their local fire departments. Willing to bet there are very few African American commuters. The DC Fire Department didn't hire Blacks when those complainants came on board.Does the San Francican still work for DC FEMS????