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Money Update: Frumin Still in the Lead

The second round of campaign finance reports for the April 23 special D.C. Council election are out, and Ward 3 education advocate Matthew Frumin continues to have a sizable fundraising edge over the six other candidates vying for an at-large seat.

Frumin raised $35,000 this cycle, and put $10,000 of his own money into the effort, as well. That brings his campaign's total receipts to $130,000 and leaves Frumin with $98,000 cash on hand.

Republican Pat Mara had the best fundraising cycle this time around, raising $55,000. That brings his total take so far to $75,000 and leaves Mara with $54,000 on hand. Mara's report shows a $1,000 donation from the PAC Freedom's Defense Fund, which supports far-right candidates like Todd Akin, who declared last year that some rape was "legitimate" and that the "female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down" in those cases. (The PAC, reportedly, may not be totally on the up-and-up.)

When Mara came in second in the 2011 special election, he'd raised only $32,000 by this point of the race. (By contrast, the winner of that race, Councilmember Vincent Orange, raised $190,000 at this point two years ago, thanks in very large part to now-embattled businessman Jeff Thompson.)

Councilmember Anita Bonds' report isn't posted at the Office of Campaign Finance's website yet, but her campaign says she raised $46,600 this period, which the campaign correctly notes is "more than any other Democrat in the race" for the time frame. It's unclear how much Bonds has left to spend. Her first campaign finance report showed her raising $11,000 (with a $5,000 loan from Bonds) and not spending a penny.

LL No. 4 Elissa Silverman raised $25,000 this cycle, bringing her total fundraising to $62,000 and leaving her with $47,000 on hand. Silverman, who doesn't accept corporate donations, received donations from former Mayor Adrian Fenty's best friend Sinclair Skinner, Fenty's former City Administrator Neil Albert, and Fenty's former Deputy Mayor for Education Victor Reinoso.

Former Councilmember Michael Brown, who flew across the country last week to attend multiple fundraisers, raised an underwhelming $30,000 this cycle. Lakers great Magic Johnson doesn't show up on this campaign finance report as a Brown donor (Brown said last week that Johnson will be donating; he did not say when). In a Twitter spat last night with the Post's Mike DeBonis, Brown said, "Whatever we raise it will be enough 2 win."

Pro-pot candidate Paul Zukerberg raised $9,000 and gave his campaign another $2,000, bringing his totals to $20,00o and his cash on hand at $16,000.

Statehood Green party candidate Perry Redd raised less than $4,000 and has $1,200 cash on hand.

  • Dylan

    That PAC donating to Mara is also anti-DC: " We seek and endorse conservative stalwarts who will... stop Washington, DC from achieving statehood-resulting in two more liberal members in the United States Senate."


  • NE John

    Thank you Dylan. I will never vote for Mara, and I was considering him.

  • NE John

    A hideous, despicable character Mara must be, to run in the guise of representing us, and at the same time cynically working against advancement to full voting representation the citizen taxpayers of DC. I'm just beginning to get pissed off!

  • noodlez



  • Bill

    Mara really only cares about Mara. He should not be voted in for anything!

  • DC Guy

    Brown. Rolling eyes.

  • Sally

    Michael Brown's whining to DeBonis is entertaining! Total empty suit with a famous-for-DC father.

  • RealDC

    LOL. This race is simply about: "Who is the tallest midget?"...... All are flawed.

    Brown: "Where is the check from Magic"?
    Bonds: "Are you going to campaign at all?"
    Mara: "Freedom's Defense Fund money, really?" SMH!
    Frumin: "Who are you?"
    Silverman: "Why would you think you would be effective? And I guess the Fenty team is repaying you for all that "good press" you gave him.
    Zukerberg: "Ok, who are you?"
    Redd: "Who are you?"

  • tony

    This race is about far more than who's the tallest midget.

    This race is about the direction of this city and who will be part of that club which determines who gets what and how much.

    The importance of politics should never be trivialized. It's the arena where the distribution of resources takes place.

    Indeed, all politicians are flawed. In fact, all humans are flawed.

  • DC Guy

    The money from so-called insiders is one indication of who I won't support.

  • BarbaraWard1

    The money from hypocritical so-called good government types is one indication of who I won't support.

  • To DC GUY

    If you arent supporting money from so called insiders you won't be supporting:

    Mike Brown
    Elissa Silverman
    Pat Mara
    Anita Bonds
    Possibly Matt Frumin

    So I assume you are going to be pulling the lever for Zuckerberg or Perry Redd, huh?

  • michaeliceman


    Well stated.

  • RealDC

    Yes, Tony, but Anita Bonds is still lousy choice!

  • tony

    No, RealDC, Anita Bonds is the best and only choice!

    Now, Michael Brown is a lousy choice. Maybe, that's why the voters kicked him out of office in favor of an unknown white boy with a pot belly.lol!

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  • RealDC

    LOL- I hear you, Tony.

    I will bet you $1 that Bonds will not finish in the top 3 on April 23rd.

    ...."Unknown white boy with a potbelly".....hahahahaha

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