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Judge tells Kwame "Fully Loaded" Brown he can't go to North Carolina for college tour. [Post]

Tommy Wells offers support to Anita Bonds' campaign, let's world know he's not endorsing her. [@tommywells]

Vincent Orange wants council to override mayor's veto of CBE bill. [Examiner]

Council should grow a pair and override veto of CBE bill, Jonetta says. [Examiner]

Hotly contested streetlight contract to be redone. [WBJ]

OCF attorney defends OCF. [WAMU]

Vince Gray wants to delay cutting aid to welfare recipients. [Post]

Prosecutor on this case must feel like a chump. [Post]

  • Art

    "Council should grow a pair and veto CBE bill, Jonetta says." Actually, she said the council should override the mayor's veto.

  • Scotch

    Jonetta's logic is utterly nonsensical. Approve a flawed bill by overriding Gray's veto, and then treat Gray's own bill as "an amendment". That's beyond stupid for anyone who's trying to comply with the law and inserts a huge amount of uncertainty into the process.

    Better idea: Uphold the veto and then work together to craft a real, practical bill.