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  • tony

    I take Chuck Thies to task on his political observation concerning the April Election. Mr. Thies opined that Patrick Mara whom he previously voted for is a front runner in the April Election. Apparently, Mr. Thies based his opinion on the fact that "[Mara] has the only base in the race that is exclusively his."

    First of all, this observation is both flawed and untrue. The upcoming election is a special election thus voters can vote for any candidate on the ballot. It may be true that voters will vote along party lines in which case Mara will experience a negative reaction.

    In order for Mara to have a realistic chance of winning he must be able to cross over and pull in substantial liberal voters. However,he has never demonstrated that he has that ability.

    Moreover, there are white candidates who are very liberal and who are more likely to appeal to white liberal voters which outnumbered republican voters significantly.

    While some see Mr. Frumin and Ms. Silverman splitting the white liberal base, I disagree. Ms. Silverman has the advantage over Mr. Frumin for an assortment of reasons.
    Unlike Mr. Frumin, Ms. Silverman has a following which she amassed as a journalist. She has grassroots support amongst the white liberal and progressive base. She has an extended community network of professional supporters. She has ties to the establishment. She has ties to the media. She lives in a Ward which had seen a significant shift in demographics which favors her politics. She is a white woman with an agenda that could attract thousands of women voters. She's photogenic and intellectually balanced. She's a serious contender in this race.

    While Patrick Mara has greater name recognition than Ms. Silverman, I submit that this factor is becoming more and more irrelevant in modern politics. Michael Brown has a trade name and he lost to an unknown name David Grosso.

    Politically speaking, Ms. Silverman is sort of like the female version of David Grosso and you see what he did!

    That being said, my candidate, Mrs. Anita Bonds is really pushing the envelope with her campaign strategy of relying on political insiders to win an election at the ballot box. I am not sure who her campaign manager is. In any event, he/she might want to rethink his/her political strategy.

    He/she must develop a grassroots operation consisting of community operatives and political players. Anita needs to ride their coattails to shore up her weak name recognition in certain communities. Moreover, Anita needs to intensify her efforts to interact with the communities she will be seeking political support and votes.
    Where are the campaign signs? Where’s the candidate walking through the community? Where are the public campaign meetings? Where’s the campaign rallies? In general, Anita knows better than most that all politics are local and her campaign must began to operate like such.

  • nowaitadaminit

    Funny how 'Grasso' put his two cents in regarding an investigation by the US Attorney's Office. Course, he has a bit of experience in that realm and from what I understand, he got one Hell of a deal on his original charges.

  • Diane B.

    Tony. Share your thougts with anitabonds.com

    Ps-i saw her in Ward 8 on Saturday.

  • Drez

    Tony makes some interesting points regarding Mara, Frumin, and Silverman.

  • Typical DC BS

    Tony - that was an awesome commentary. BRAVO.

  • RealDC

    Whatever, this special election is a crapshoot and NOBODY can read the tea leaves and predict the outcome.

    Chuck Thies and @tony offer interesting scenarios, but the fact remains is that none of these candidates are appealing. Some are interesting with obstacles to overcome but nobody is sexy, hot.

    ....Now that weed attorney is interesting, he did well at the candidate's forum in ward 4 last week. Mara was a no show....what he has no interest in ward 4? Big mistake...ward 4 votes.