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Marion Barry and Tommy Wells travel to Maryland to tout bag tax. [Post]

Jeff Thompson's moneyman, David Wilmot, and Vince Gray's ex-con fraternity brother, Bruce Bereano, throwing fundraiser for Michael Brown. [Post]

Gray says cops will get raises only if they agree to new contract. [Post]

Eleanor Holmes Norton will suffer with the furloughed. [DCist]

Making a child repeat a grade isn't the worst thing in the world. [Post]

D.C. using murals to cut down on graffiti. [NBC4]

Censure a councilmember? Forget about it. [Examiner]

Vincent Orange wants the council to override the mayor's veto of CBE bill. [Examiner]

  • Wrack

    "Ex-con?" Once a con, forever a con. I don't think felonious, disbarred Bereano got his record expunged.

  • tony

    Maybe I should not say this but I am going to anyway.

    The hard reality is that Michael Brown can't win this election while Anita Bonds is in the race. And Anita Bonds can't win this election while Michael Brown is in the race. Essentially, they will cancel each other out.


    Both of these black candidates are vying for the same exact base--working and middle class black voters. However, neither one of these black candidates have a lock on that voter base. Thus, it's more likely that one of them will receive slightly more votes than the other. And herein lies the huge and inescapable problem.

    The black candidate who actually wins the black vote under this scenario will actually receive only a "modest" share of the overall black votes. That reduced and modest share of the overall black vote could be overcome by a white candidate that receives substantial votes in the white community.

    Although, there are two white candidates running, there's a strong possibility that white voters will tailored their votes behind one candidate---Mrs. Silverman.

    Mrs. Silverman literally scares the hell out of me because she can win this election with the help of her big brothers called the Washington Post and the Washington City Paper. What she needs more than anything is "legitimacy" and they are going to give it to her in the form of ringing endorsements.

    In the past, one could not win an election in this city without winning the black vote. However, that day is over. Unfortunately, a candidate can, in fact, win elected office in this city without the black vote. David Grosso crushed his opponents and won the election without receiving more than 30 percent of the black vote city wide.

    There is only one way for either Michael Brown or Anita Bonds to win this race. One of them must almost be the sole beneficiary of the black vote. In other words, one of them must get at least 70 to 90 percent of the black vote citywide. That percentage of victory will produce a number of votes that a white candidate even with substantial white votes could not match or surpass.

  • nowaitadaminit

    tony: What happened with that blog???
    Still patiently waiting.

    Re #2: What you say makes good sense. What I'm having a hard time figuring out is why anybody with a sound mind would want to back Brown over Bonds. That Son of The Father thing played out with Brown's nefarious actions.

    I guess I need to really get busy and let my few little contacts know how my small base feels about Brown. Talk about who should and who should not be under Machem's microscope........

    WTF does Brown offer to ANYONE?????

  • tony

    @nowaitadaminit, I promise you that blog is still coming. Of course, I had to focus on some other things that are far more important.

    I don't know how the election will turn out. You may be right, Mrs. Bonds may very well win the black vote hands down. However, the mere fact that Mr. Brown is in the race and is vying for the same base as Mrs. Bonds certainly creates some uncertainty as to whether a black person will retain that seat.

    I also agree with you that Mrs. Bonds may be the best person for that position but I am warning all her supporters that we can't let our guards down on this one. She must win and win big!

    We can't afford to split our vote.

  • DC Guy

    @tony, you are forgetting that Mara has a slice of voters that none of the others have. As long as Frumin and Silverman are splitting voters as well, it is likely that Mara will win, and fairly easily.

  • RealDC

    Anita Bonds will not finish in the top 3 in this election. She has no base and a questionable campaign team. Like the previous DSC appointments, Biddle and Dixon, she will lose and lose badly. The DSC, were she is the president, is a dysfunctional out of touch organization. While she got them to appoint her, their are significant DSC members who do NOT support her. So where is her base?

    The black voters in DC are more sophisticated than the candidates want to believe. Their positions on issues vary as well. Gone is the day, that all blacks vote a certain way because they are black. In short, black politicians need to stop taking the black for granted, earn it!