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Jim Graham says he's relieved it's over. [Post]

Nat Gandhi says he'll stick around until successor is ready. [Post]

Robert Bobb says city contracting process was bogus. [Examiner]

DOES boss says agency mismanaged under previous administration. [Examiner]

Housing director says sequestration will hurt. [Post]

Pro-pot candidate Paul Zukerberg survives ballot challenge, John Settles does not. [NBC4]

Cabbies vent at council hearing. [Examiner]

Lots of District residents buying new cars in January. [WBJ]


  • Drez

    When Peebles lost the bid for Stevens he threatened a run for mayor and financed advertising for the opposition.
    Is Bob Bobb taking a page from that book?

  • Scotch

    So the 50 cent per taxi ride surcharge is solely to pay for Ron Linton's office expenses? Nice. Can't wait to see the audits of that account.

  • KeepIt100

    Is it unusual for anyone to fund the campaign of the person of their choice? Robert Bobb was the most effective City Administrator this city has EVER had. Last I heard, he won the last citywide election he ran for.

  • drez

    I view the open discussion of intent to run and then (in Peebles case) the funding via hundreds of thousands of dollars in personal moneys of a candidate as something more than you seem to.
    Especially when one has business before the city.

  • Rob

    Interestingly, when Fenty's cronies were ripping the city taxpayers off with their inflated management fees Jonetta Barras had nothing to say or write about.

  • Village voices

    Robert Bobb at one time was over contracts and he played the same shenanigans as are being played now. But the differnce is it is his goat now that is being sacrificed..You reap what you sow..Serves him right..Ask Detroit why did they let him go...

  • Barbara

    @Rob Jonetta is a tired old HACK who has been fired by Marion Barry twice.

  • Taurus


    "Robert Bobb was the most effective City Administrator"

    what a line of complete BS! Most likely you are Bob Bobb's publicist. Bob Bobb is a carpetbagger pure and simple. He couldn't hold a candle to John Koskinen intellectually or in terms of leadership skill and experience. He has just gotten a free ride stoking the local media but there is no there, there.

    Why did he leave Detroit? Why did he go to Detroit and take a gaggle of hacks and has beens (mostly who try to take credit for other people's work)? Go away Bob!