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Jim Graham is going to fight this thing to the end, has Marion Barry on his side. [Post]

Critics say Graham needs a harsher proposed punishment. [Examiner]

Vince Gray headed to Florida to throw out first pitch at Nats spring training. [Post]

D.C. Vote starts campaigning for budget autonomy referendum. [Post]

Editor complains about MPD's stonewalling. (MPD once tried to tell LL that a cop's hire date was confidential, which it most certainly is not.) [Times]

Ethics board hiring open government honcho. [Examiner]

Gray forms yet another task force, this one to make D.C. the the "most business-friendly" city in the world. [WBJ]

  • RealDC

    "Marion gave a contract to a girlfriend; drove her to the bank to cash the check; and when she got back in the car, she handed him cash from that check," explained Wells. "Jim may have intervened on behalf of a [campaign] donor, but that donor did not give him any cash."

    Above is the excerpt from Barras' column in The Examiner. She quoted Tommy Wells.

    I'm sorry but this guy wants to be mayor? Geez! So Tommy, what did the "donor" give to Graham's campaign? Blood? Food? In-kind service? Volunteer time? Probably a check that could be cashed for ...(drum roll)...CASH!! Hello!!

    Yes, there needs to be an investigation into Graham but it cannot be lead by Wells. Intelligence is a leadership quality, at least minimum level of intellect has to be met!!

    Maybe mayoral candidates should have to take the DC CAS to get their name on the ballot. They have to score at least "Meeting Expectations" to move on. No social promoting.


  • truth hurts

    Also from Barras' column: at-large candidate Silverman supports censuring Graham.

    Btw, Silverman's the only at-large candidate not soliciting or accepting corporate campaign contributions.

  • Lukas

    But that doesn't make her the best candidate. And censuring at this point could be seen as premature, particularly those who, you know, believe in due process and innocent until proven guilty.


    Now don't get me wrong, I still like Jim Graham; but didn't his pal Loza offer him some money? No he didn't take it, I understand, but he didn't report it to the proper authorities either.

    Right is right and wrong is wrong so for Wells to make the statement he made is indicative of a serious lack of objectivity. The ole White vs Black degree of culpability?

    And Barras? I rarely read her trivia; but she needs to consider the DC CAS as well. Her one-sided diatribes and rants are more than ridiculous. Makes one wonder just who wags what. Barras is certainly writing with a hidden agenda.

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