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Rock Newman to Start Radio Show

Boxing promoter and Mayor for Life-turned-Ward 8 Councilmember Marion Barry confidante Rock Newman has a new weekly radio show set to air Saturday on We Act Radio, 1480AM. The inaugural show, according to a news release from Newman, should be quite the gabfest, as scheduled guests include Mayor Vince Gray, baseball great and Hall of Fame ineligible Pete Rose, former Bermuda Premier Ewart Brown, and reality court show star Judge Greg Mathis.

The news release says other guests include Barry, former Mayor Sharon Pratt, former Mayor Tony Williams, and Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton.

"THE ROCK NEWMAN SHOW endeavors to be the BEST 3 hours in the RADIO universe," says the news release.

Brett Abrams, a spokesman for Newman, says some of the guests will be be phoning in, but he expects that most of the D.C.-based politicos will be in studio at We Act's place on Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue SE in Anacostia. A spokesman for Gray did not immediately confirm Hizzoner's appearance.

Newman's support for Gray during the 2010 primary elicited plenty of guffaws from supporters of then-Mayor Adrian Fenty, who said it was a sign that Gray would be Barry-lite should he become mayor. (Newman showed up to support Gray at the Ward 4 straw poll. And one flyer LL still has from that campaign promoted a Newman-sponsored voter registration drive event aimed at ex-offenders that was called "Rock the Rolls" and somehow featured a Rolls Royce.) That might explain why Fenty is the only living former mayor not on Newman's guest list.

Photo courtesy The Rock Newman Show

  • Dan

    Rock Newman ROCKS!!!!

  • Ward 1

    Looks like Roc discovered the magic of botox, lots and lots and lots of botox!

    Of course this man has the intellectual depth of a teaspoon.

    Marion Barry confidant? Newman was Tony Williams boy.

  • Anonymous

    A thug and a pig, how thrilling.

  • Really?

    oops the post on Jimmy "teddy" Graham was yesterday

  • tony

    @Really, huh!

  • Anonymous

    Oh, forgive me. I did not intend to take any of the heat from "Taxi Cash" "AIDS Grift" Graham and cast it on Rock Newman. Newman (from the photo who could tell if he is black, he looks more pink) though indeed a thug and a pig isn't anywhere the career con artist as is Graham. No, no, no "Aids Grift" is still the most corrupt individual in any way connected to public life in DC by many miles.

    Clearly, Mendelson has spent another day in navel gazing.

  • RealDC

    Really, who cares?

    Ok, is Riddick Bowe going to be a guest?

    Again, who cares? Another bama on the air.

  • http://rocknewmanshow.com Rock Newman

    BOTOX??? I ain't got no BOTOX! I'm just much too FAT!

  • doa

    Who in the hell listens to "We Act Radio".

  • -______-

    so disappointed in weact for supporting this fool that supports the gentrification of the very neighborhood weact is located...boooo!!

  • http://www.weactradio.com Alex Lawson

    Watch, listen, share the Rock Newman Show LIVE Saturday 9am-12n http://www.weactradio.com

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  • glenda trans

    Rock is an honorable man. Get off you lazy butt and get a life.

  • Shadi Ali Muhammad

    I saw u today MY Brother Rock on News One Now.I like how you set the record strait to that women Tara on the panel also.Because it's so true that those Republicans are all racist