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Vince Gray's plan for greener D.C. [WBJ]

At-large candidate Paul Zukerberg calls fellow candidate Elissa Silverman a hypocrite over petition challenge. [NBC4]

Council approves $12.7 million "turn around" contract for United Medical Center. [Post]

Cathy Lanier hates phone thieves. [Post]

At-large candidate on ethics. [Letschoose]

Tony Williams and Alice Rivlin will lead search for new CFO. [Examiner]

Traffic camera revenues for January more than double from a year ago. [Examiner]

Deconstructing Post's article on Gray's reelection chances. [NBC4]

  • goldfish

    bad link on the phone thieves story

  • Welllllllll!!!!!



  • drez

    The three people who pleaded guilty to crimes associated with Gray’s 2010 campaign were not the same people responsible for Gray’s victory. Nor were their enablers and accomplices. Instead, they were unprofessional hacks without the campaign experience or savvy to know a bad idea when it slapped them in the face.
    Calling them "unprofessional hacks" is far too dismissive and minimizing of them. It's flat-out inaccurate. Rather than "unprofessional Hacks" they, like Gray himself, are extremely experienced public servants with decades of time spent in the government and with various contractors.
    No, they are not "unprofessional hacks", it's just that their profession is counter to acceptable standards and the law. It's a public disservice not to recognize this. The conversation is not rightly elided. The conversation needs be about exactly why Gray chose those people (all of whom he had served with and known for many years) to run his campaign.

  • RealDC

    Agree with Zuckerberg, Silverman is hypocritical. Disappointing for the former "Loose Lips" reporter but not surprised.

    Just campaign, stop trying to "game" it.

  • oldbiddie

    Don't get all icky on me Drez, cause I'm just asking:

    Who are the "(all of whom he had served with and known for many years) to run his campaign"?

    By "....decades of time spent in the government and with various contractors", do you mean collectively?

    Can you expound on "the conversation is not rightly elided"? Are you saying the conversation is not rightly 'suppressed'? Or are you saying the conversation is not rightly 'edited'?

    Dealing with someone as churlish as Sulaimon(?) Brown and Howard Brooks is indictive of unprofessional hackery. Jeanne Harris on the other hand is a pompous jackass who has a false sense of entitlement because of the seat at the table she inherited from her late husband and the Walter Washington gang.

    Howard Gore comes across as a lackey who allowed himself to be compromised by said unprofessional hack.

    S Brown should have been indicted but because he gave the US Attorney's office fodder for the mill in the attempt to to bring down another Black official, his criminal acts were glossed over. Yes, he was a small time crook (paid his insurance with the donated campaign money order), but it was still illegal and much more egregious than Kwame Brown's offense regarding the credit application.

    I disagree sir/madam about what you say the conversation needs to be about. Why Gray hired them is not an issue here. Why they so miserablly let him down over and over again throughout the campaign, the transition, and the hiring of unqualified, non participatory workers is more worthy of concern.

  • Tosspots for Tommy

    Well, Theis would certainly recognize an unprofessional hack. What does Theis have on Tom Sherman? Oh, that, yeah right, and in 2013, to think that is still an issue. What other reason could there be for Theis to still have a voice at WRC having been booted by WPFW. There is that whole Graham thing and, of course, Eugene Kinlow is straight.

  • drez

    1) Green, Gore, Brooks, Harris, maybe Hawkins.
    2) Decades individually.
    3) Elide, not edit. As in not rightly omitted.

    The other stuff we must agree to disagree on. In my consideration: the fact that these folks have been around in DC gov since the 80's and were previously known to Gray, along with the positions he gave them in his campaign, Gray's direct benefit from their actions (lets not forget that $100K he(!) walked in the campaign office with the day before the close of the financial reporting period) convinces me it is primarily about Gray. Not about them. They are the machine. He is the brain that assembled it.
    But, hey, it's not what I think. It's what Machen can prove.

  • AngryPushie


    Silverman is not only a hypocrite but she is a pushy and uncooperative individual. Ask anyone who she lobbyied on the Council. PS- Yes, a paid advocate IS a lobbyist.

  • Ward 1

    @Tosspots for Tommy
    Of course Eugene is straight, so is Chuck Thies. No one is supposed to know about Sherman.