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Morning Clicks

Phil Mendelson knew about problems with MPD's sex assault cases a while ago, did nothing, police union says. [Examiner]

Regional business that couldn't satisfy CBE requirements cries foul, shenanigans begin. [Times]

Vince Gray's school spending plan needs some tweaks. [Examiner]

New D.C. Jail boss gets a glowing review. [Post]

High-end hotel market shakeup. [Post]

WUSA9 reporter gets two Uber drivers fired. [WUSA9]

  • name

    1. There are no missing rape files in DC. There are out of state rapes processed in DC hospitals, and there are rapes that are never reported to police. Neither of those constitute "missing files" or "massaging statistics" by the cops. Stop repeating BS, Alan.

    2. Baumann has no soul or conscience, and will compete with Hitler, Idi Amin and Genghis Kahn for real estate in hell.

  • RealDC

    Is Mendelson really the best person to be chair of the council?

    Every week there is another "situation" that he does and says nothing about. Now we find out this is his m.o. SMH.

    Really Mendelson? Getting DC tags on the prez's limo is more important than investigating rapes and sexual assaults in the city? Or investigating a rogue council member in Jim Graham? Ignoring and not responding is NOT leadership!!

    We thought we had it bad with Kwame Brown, hell let him have his fully-loaded Navigator and we can take his "clueless" bills but to ignore the barbaric treatment of women and children, for years, is UNACCEPTABLE!

    Look Mr "Policy-Wonk", get your head out of your..., this city needs RESPONSIVE leadership, not "Silent Bob"!!!

  • Typical DC BS

    Mendelsohn was known long-ago for being a soft-hearted and soft-headed DC liberal when it came to criminals. His moronic notions of how to treat underage repeat criminals and skepticism of the need for a tough criminal justice system have been evident for over a decade.