Loose Lips

Morning Clicks

OCF files complaint against Michael Brown's former campaign treasurer, Hakim Sutton. [Examiner]

How the CBE program, which pols always talk up as a tool to help small businesses, actually benefits multi-millionaires like Jeff Thompson. [Post]

Reuben Charles, the mystery man who took over the Gray for Mayor campaign in 2010, is back on the scene, though not really. [Times]

It does kinda look like Vince Gray's going to run for re-election, doesn't it? [Examiner]

Gray wants to increase spending on schools by 2 percent. [Post]

Don't be scared of a successful charter schools. [Post]

David Catania wants your kids to fail. [Post]

  • Drez

    What a nauseating AM round-up.
    Brown's either 1) stupid for mismanaging his campaign or 2) criminal for mismanaging his campaign or 3) both (ding ding! Winner!)
    Gray's ass needs to be indicted already. Walking into his campaign office the day before reports were due with $100k of single-source funds in hand should be enough. Thanks.
    Mr Charles is still in town and STILL acting as Gray's political contract hookup man.
    One crooked City.

  • Barbara

    @Drez Don't you mean Michael Brown mismanaged his campaign(s) the other 3 were messed up too!