Loose Lips

Morning Clicks

Phil Mendelson is upset the ethics board left Jim Graham's possible punishment open ended, will propose "some type of disciplinary action" soon. [Post]

Harry Jaffe supremely confident that federal probes won't find any wrongdoing on Nat Gandhi's part. [Examiner]

Vince Gray says he's "never seen any evidence" of what advocates say is substandard care for homeless at D.C. General. [Post]

Mayor's office doesn't like David Catania's anti-truancy bill. [Examiner]

Jack Evans celebrates being the longest-serving councilmember. [Post]

Tommy Wells knows who might have your stolen phone. [WJLA]

No mention of D.C. in SOTU, Eleanor Holmes Norton is upset. [Post]

Judge rules MPD violated detective's First Amendment rights. [Examiner]

"Tremulous" Mendo needs to put a hurtin' on Graham, Post says. [Post]

Lame idea to force taxi drivers to paint their cars the same color will probably make all of D.C.'s cabs look ugly. [Post]

  • Scotch

    Mendo needs to rent a pair.

  • Scotch

    As for Hacky Jaffe, what a stupid strawman he's set up! No one has accused Gandhi of being a criminal. They've accused him of being incompetent, negligent, vindictive, and oblivious.

  • DC Guy

    re: Homeless advocates and Grey.

    My opinion, there is more than enough money for the various social services and safety net programs in the District. The mayor (and Fenty and Williams) and others have done a good job of upgrading the systems and programs around this issue. It is more bluster from the exceedingly far left to get more and more.

  • Drez

    Phil has recent precedent to follow. And he'll take heat from Graham regardless.
    There's no point in him wanting to hide behind the ethics board.

  • truth hurts

    Gray says he "never saw any evidence" of wrongdoing, huh? That's become his favorite line. If only it were true.