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Former Anita Bonds D.C. Council Employee Files Ethics Complaint

A former staffer for D.C. Councilmember Anita Bonds has filed a complaint with the Board of Ethics and Government Accountability protesting the reasons why she was fired last Thursday.

Cierra Robinson was fired, multiple sources tell LL, over issues involving requests for her to work on Bonds' campaign for the April special election while working in the Wilson Building on Council time. City workers are not allowed to do electioneering on city time. Robinson, who is still listed as a "special assistant" on Bonds' Council website, declined to discuss the specifics of her termination, but didn't dispute the characterization from LL's sources. Robinson also confirmed that she swore out a complaint with the newly created ethics board yesterday and said her lawyer will be issuing a statement sometime later this week.

Bonds has not returned several calls seeking comment placed over several days. Her spokesman, David Meadows, says, "I cannot comment." Bonds was temporarily appointed by the D.C. Democratic State Committee to the vacant at-large position in December. She's currently facing seven opponents in the April special election that will determine who gets to keep the seat.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • Nisa

    This does not surprise me at all. I am surprised more people aren't coming forward regarding her work on the Democratic State Committee.

  • DC Guy

    Is anyone researching the $1,000 contribution from the DSC to her campaign?

  • ME

    As long as we continue to elect officials, who are part of the old way of doing business in DC, we will not move forward. I am sure Ms. Bonds is a good person, but between what happened with the previous council members, currently with CM Graham and now this; DC residents need to learn their lesson and move forward with better candidates, and elect honest-transparent public servants.

  • RV

    I for one am shocked—SHOCKED!—that Marion Barry's protegé could be involved with any corrupt activity.

  • RealDC

    LOL. "Old" school crook, and I do me "old". This woman was not elected but appointed by DSC. She should not be on the council but obvious she has "council like" tendencies.

    This is funny, she is struggling to put together a campaign. LOL. Of course she needs help on the "trail"...... but who would work for her campaign, its a no-win situation. Bonds will not win in April, she ran the DSC into the ground and she is fumbling through a election..smh!

    Bonds has 2 months and 11 days left in her council career, thank God. Then she can go back lead the DSC to mediocrity.

    There are fools and then there are damn fools!

  • MLD

    Looks like Bonds is fitting right in!

  • Barrie Daneker

    @DCGUY--And what do you mean researching the contribution? Have you lost your mind? What is wrong with the contribution? Who else would the DCDSC give a contribution to!!! You moron! CM Bonds got the appointment and the DCDSC gave the same amount to "Saywho" Seko Biddle when he won the appointment but we didn't heard from you about that contribution! The DCDSC can give to whomever they want, as long as it is within the limits. You're just another s... stirrer with no knowledge of how the DCDSC works! Doesn't surprise me at all!

    To All: Cerra Robinson was the worst front desk person in the entire Wilson Building! I had visited CM Bonds office on several occasions and we were introduced several times. You would think she would have remember my name, had a smile, know how to properly answer a phone, and know how to greet someone coming into a CM office. Let's see the girls resume? Sounds like she is a disgruntled employee! Consider maybe she was a complete idiot! Cause I for sure think she was! So now that she got the boot, she's trying to find a way to screw everyone on the way out! Where was this compliant prior to her being FIRED! NO WHERE! That's why she's pulled this one straight out of her butt!

    I know CM Bonds both personally and politically, and although we may not have agreed on 100% we sure have agreed on a lot! She's the best person DC has to look forward to in the special election! She's a strong black woman who stands on her own two feet! Something we need in DC now!

  • sticktoyourguns

    honey honey honey this has been the talk of the wilson building since anita bonds first week. her as well as her staff have been campaigning while being paid tax payers dollars. so needless to say we know who won't win in april.

  • sticktoyourguns

    they fired this poor girl for not wanting to break the law. sad stae of affairs at the wilson building

  • sticktoyourguns

    RV...you so crazy

  • Keith Jarrell

    It is time now that residents set their foot down and put a stop to this continuation of bad government. We can not elect Anita Bonds to represent us as her strong hold on the Democratic party in DC is far too lengthy. We need to break the mold and think outside the box and bring in new blood.
    I met Anita Bonds about three weeks ago and had a pleasant conversation with her. She suggested that phone her office and make an appointment to meet with you privately. Her chief of staff was so rude and unprofessional on the telephone that I made my mind up then that 1) I would not support her, and 2) I would work to help someone defeat her.
    It's time that we stand our ground and make a statement that we are no longer tolerant of old style politics, and with an unprofessional approach to both the daily activities of their offices, their staffers, or how they manage their campaigns. Including constituent funds and relationships with people, all people in this city. There can be no favoritism and manipulation of what's right and wrong.

  • GetRealDC

    Why did this girl not make a report of these nefarious activities earlier? Now fired, she has a revelation? Seems like sour grapes.

  • DMV support

    Get Real Dc, how do you know she didn't before and now has a case? This is seriou and do you this she would have went public if she did not. Know the background google her she is a mentor within DC and is well respected.

    With love,

    Howard Alum

  • can’ttouchthis

    word around the wilson building is that she did complain before last week but when it was forced on her again she took the complaint even further. good for her

  • Restless

    Hell, I thought everybody in DC knew Anita Bonds is crooked. No surprise here! Scum is more like it. Having the State Committee elect councilmembers is nothing more than a popularity contest. Bonds lasted about as long as Kwame and Vince Gray - 30 days.

  • MenofDC

    I know this young lady ! She is good people and a hard worker! This should be worth the fight go Cierra! She's about her business. God Bless you Cierra way to stand strong!

  • CityRez

    Unfortunately the pressure on government staff to work on campaigns of their elected bosses is the norm in the Wilson Building, not even considered unethical and has been for some time. Even if done when one is asked at the last minute to "volunteer' and to fill out leave slip, thereby making it this side of the law, it's still unethical and kinda sleazy.

    The candidate or incumbent who takes this on publicly gets my vote. Wish one of them had the courage to name and shame. Can we be surprised by the sleaze in the Wilson Building when this practice is considered okay? Bonds seems to be doing what probably every other councilmember does, current mayor and past.

    The City Paper would be doing a service by asking all of DC's elected officials to commit to prohibiting DC government employees from working on campaigns.

  • Rob

    You're right. At some point they all do it. But the Post and Citypaper (to some extent) seem to be selective in their pursuit of the truth.

  • Anonymous

    Huh, this is nothing. Jim Graham sucked a salary out of and used Whitman Walker as his campaign apparatus for nearly 2 years before they finally were able to get rid of him. Nail down the fixtures when they finally boot hi from the Wilson Building.

    "Can we be surprised by the sleaze in the Wilson Building"
    apparently if we are Phil Mendelson we can. He is now, after being AWOL for 5 days, saying he wishes the Ethics Board had given him a better guide as to what to do about
    "Taxi Cash" "AIDS Grift" "Pay to Play" Graham. "Earth to Phil", The Washington Post has outlined a plan for you, tell Jim Graham to resign immediately or you and your new best friend Ron Manchen will make him wish he had.

    David Meadows, now there is a credible source. Is he still picking up shifts bussing at the Demo Club? From Michael Brown to Anita Bonds, what a career arc!

  • Corn Cobbler

    This guy Wilson sounds like a jewel compared to that dreadful wreck Linda Cropp had as COS at the end who then got taken along for the ride by Uncle Vinnie. She was spitting venom. I'll bet that Wilson at least washes his face and hair and wears clean clothes every now and then.

  • tony

    See, this is what you get, when you go after certain politicians for doing the same things that all politicians do. See the danger? If you are not careful, you could very well destabilized the entire government because political retribution will be the order of the day down in the Wilson building. No politician can properly govern without the willingness to compromise. What politician will compromise with a colleague that politically embarrassed and injured him/her?

    It seems that this is what a lot of folks in this city wanted to see. Well, now you have it. Enjoy.

    Lastly, if anyone thinks that Jim Graham is going to go away quietly than you are kidding yourself. He is going to out as many people as he can. And vice versa...

    The people who opened this can of worms are to blame. Unfortunately, this is a situation where the bell has been rung and it can't be unrung (is that’s a word, well, it is now).

    For instance, Mendleson and the city council can take action on Graham tomorrow and it will be those who will say that the punishment was too weak. While others will say it was too strong. See there's no good that can come from such political shenanigans which have politically damaged some more than others.

    Oops! there we go again.

  • Foodie

    So Tony, we should just let thieving cons like Graham get away with it? I hope this was tongue in cheek. I don't think everyone on the Council is corrupt and certainly not to the level that Graham is and always has been.

    Who is Graham going to out? Graham should be prosecuted so he can do his "outing" through the courts. Ron Manchen is who needs to make the next move on Graham if Mendelson won't. Resigning can no longer be left as an option for Grham, it needs to be a command.

  • DCGovcorruption

    This could not of been the best candidate available in this city of 600,000. Ms Bonds has always been a political hack since I first met her in 1977, and I know
    the democrats can do much better. I know that she is capable of harrassing and using dirty tactics to discredit folks who would not support her former political bosses (Kwame Brown/Marion Barry). Even your
    old boyfriend Don cant believe that you have jumped into
    the frying pan with all your baggage.

  • DC Native

    @Barrie Daneker David Meadows is your boyfriend so your thoughts would be of David and I believe Cierra holds a Masters where is yours ? I truly believe your upset because your boyfriend David's office is in trouble and NO ANITA WILL NOT BE ELECTED !!!! U CAN BET ON THAT!!!

  • Barrie Daneker

    DC Native-- Mr. Meadows is in now way my boyfriend which goes to show you assume things and know nothing! As far as Cierra with all her education, she shows very little characteristics of a front desk person. personable, smile, friendly, remember your name... So you can have all the degrees you want, but if the job doesn't fit you then time to go. Common sense goes a long way in this case, use some!

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  • DC native

    No need to get up set because your wrong about a person! You said the young lady was an idiot. Clearly your the idiot ! Word around the Wilson building is your Anita's chef ! Didn't you cook the food for her open house. Remain a chef and leave the politics to us!

  • DD

    The timing couldn't be more perfect for this. Anita does not need to be elected to this council. There is going to be more to come out regarding her character from heading the DC State Democratic Committee to the King Dinner in which funds have never been accounted for.

    I will not vote for her.

  • can’ttouchthis

    well front desk person or not she blasted anita bonds and charles wilson for trying to make her do campaign work of dc tax payer dollars and for that I say thank you!

    and to the person who said mendelson was missing in action for 5 days he does have vacation time and his over 90 year old dad is very ill damnit.

  • johnnie

    Cierra and many others have complained about the campaigning going on in Anita Bonds office. It was noted and tracked and the Freedom of Information Act shall prove what she has said. Those who don't work for Anita Bonds have chit chatted about the campaigning going on in her office for weeks so this girls story is so true you can smell the truth!

  • DD

    What good is filing the complaint with the board. it appears they have very little power to do anything but perhaps expose the issues which is good.

    Jim Graham? He has been guilty and the board can't do anything about it.

    Get these crooks out of here.

  • Alf

    Anita Bonds is Marion Barry in drag.

    That's why they call her "BARRY BONDS."

  • DC Guy

    @Barry Deneker

    If anyone had any idea how the DSC worked and how it came to be that those monies were raised and supplied to Ms. Bonds, that would be a start. However, since the leadership of the organization is cloaked in secrecy thanks to Ms. Bonds, we may never know. Unless, you would like to educate me.

  • Rick Toye

    Such a shame people with so much baggage of their own are slandering Ms. Bonds. The truth will come out after it is all said and done. I can't wait until the election day to laugh at all the idiots and the "Internet Quarterbacks" who are insulting this lady. As a life long resident of this city, I'm willing to bet that most of you don't live here, just got here, or are just supporting another candidate. People get on the internet and say what they want to say, but never come out to a community meeting, and never take part in anything that improves the city's quality of life. You are disgraceful as hell!

  • johnnie

    So Mr. Toye what will your response be once the truth does come out and it is proven that Anita Bonds and Charles Wilson were doing campaign work in the city council office which is against the law? Who will you call a disgrace then?

  • johnnie

    see the difference is Cierra isn't the only person who complained, she is just the first to file a complaint. Many observed this going on in her office and couldn't believe that she was that dumb in thinking someone at the Wilson building wasn't going to snitch because everything that goes on in that building gets out.

  • Rick Toye

    johnnie, I stand by my comments, every word of it!

  • Mahdi Leroy J. Thorpe, Jr.

    Anita Bonds has no ethics and is out for herself. I would never waste my vote on her - she is no Donna Brazil or Congresswoman Norton, women with class, culture, ethics, brains and compassion for people.

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