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Morning Clicks

Adrian Fenty, gone but not forgotten. [AP]

District having hard time producing records related to $29 million in federal Skyland grants. [Examiner]

Vince Gray's profile in courage [Post]

Colby: This city had a bunch of bush-league pols. [Post]

City's homeless children being ignored. [Post]

Vince Gray wants ethics reform passed now. [NBC4]

District grapples with charter/DCPS divide. [Post]

Charter schools spending big dough on school construction. [Examiner]

David Alpert, so hot right now [Post]

Gray thinks maybe the CFO's office should be under his control. [Post]

Gray has not ruled out congestion tax. [WTOP]

  • Truth hurts

    What specific ethics reforms does Gray want the council to pass? A ban on corporate, contractor, and lobbyist donations? A ban on felons registering as lobbyists? A ban on shadow campaigns?

  • Ward 1

    Still no Graham arrest or resignation, or both?

  • truth hurts

    Don't hold your breath

  • Drez

    LOL @ TH.