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Tommy Wells Calls for Ad Hoc Committee To Investigate Jim Graham

Probable mayoral candidate and Ward 6 Councilmartyr Saint Tommy Wells wants to add to Ward 1 Councilmember Jim Graham's misery.

Wells is asking D.C. Council Chairman Phil Mendelson to establish an ad hoc committee to consider "evidence of a violation of the code of conduct and make recommendations for further action" in regards to l'affaire Graham. Yesterday, the Board of Ethics and Government Accountability found that there was "substantial" evidence that Graham violated the city's code of conduct by trying to shake a developer off a Metro development deal in return for supporting that same developer's bid to win the city's lucrative lottery contract. But the board said it did not have the legal capacity to impose any punishments on Graham and decided not to pursue a more formal investigation, which apparently did not sit well with Wells.

"The crisis of ethics that has faced the Council requires your strong leadership to ensure we restore the public trust and confidence," Wells wrote to Mendelson in a letter very recently delivered to council offices.

Wells wasn't immediately available for comment. Graham says he'll have to call LL back to comment. More as LL gets it.

Update: Sources at the Wilson Building say Wells' ad hoc committee would be the first step in censuring Graham, should the council want to. Here's the letter: 

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

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  • DC John

    Forget Ad-Hoc stuff...It is time for Ward One residents to start a recall of its Councilmember if he does not have the decency to resign.

  • ThomThom

    Well, lets get on with it then...strip him of his committee

    Ya know fellas and goils, ya just can't keep lettin'each other get away with tarnishing the body to the level Graham does and expect it not to splash on you too..

    Chairman Mendelson, establish the committee,for appearances sake you could appoint David Catania as Chair.

    I still hope the feds are watching the airports this weekend. Graham still has his passport.

  • Nana

    He's white. Mark my words NOTHING is happening to him in the long run. He will be relected until death does him part.

  • Ward-8

    Quite your grand standing Tommy dispite the fact that Graham's Chief of staff who is in prison due to his part in Taxi Cab bribery and did I mention he gave Graham his boss a envelope stuff with money in an attempt to bribe him, after holding it a few minutes he gave it back to his crimminal Chief of staff however, I guess he was so busy, he neglected to notify the Police of the attempted bribery of a Goverment offical and know he is on his knees in the Lottery land swap debacle. But of course Tommy you will be wasting your time, his criminal act don't rise to the level of someone who lied on a Bank loan application, get the money and had the audacity to pay the loan back. Besides, Graham is White and gay, and thus not viewed as one who lack integrity or one who would ever violate the ethics mandated of a duly elected public servent. Dang, Only in double standard DC.

  • truth hurts

    I suggest people try the following exercise: Pay no attention to race, sexual orientation, or political alliances of Graham, Wells, Mendo, and other council members. Assume the council's Code of Ethics was strengthened and the Board of Ethics and Accountability was established in response to rampant corruption among city officials and increasing public distrust of government operations.

    Assume the first matter to come before the newly established Board results in written findings citing a council member for multiple breaches of the council's ethics code. What, if anything, should the council do about it? Nothing?

    I submit that doing nothing would further prove what most of us already believe: the council, as a whole, doesn't care much about ethics reform.

    How the council responds to the Board's first finding of ethics violations will tell the public whether the council is beginning to take such matters seriously. In that regard, Wells did the right thing.

  • DC Guy


  • Welllllllll!!!!!

    @Ward8: Why don't you just shut the fuck up and think about doing a little research before spewing forth with your ignorant ass misinformation.

    Your good points are swollowed up by your bad.


    To truth hurts number 6: Oh No You Didn't make the suggestion in the first paragraph of you comment. Not you....Hypocrisy is not the word to describe your audacity.

    Yo boi Tommy is grandstanding thinking it will give him a shot at the corner office in the Wilson Building. Not gonna happen Sukkas, not gonna happen.

  • Truth hurts

    Posting comments under multiple monikers doesn't make you any more coherent. Schizophrenia often can be treated with proper medication. See a trained professional without delay.

  • Ward-8

    Dang, We!!!!!!, the truth hurt like hell don't it, don't blame me because you not getting any Dick!!

  • NE John

    Saint Tommy Wells, use your holy powers to defeat this evil force in the District. Bring along R2D2 as backup.

  • jim

    tommy is running for Mayor. So he's using the Jim Graham issue for political benefit. Sad.

  • Keith Jarrell

    Councilmember Wells actions speaks to his leadership ability and the sincerity in his method of of knowing that until higher standards are set and adhered to. Nothing will change. We need a thorough investigation, done by a committee or group that has power to sensor if they find Graham guilty. I do think the calls for Graham to resign are premature. Snap decisions are inappropriate as well.
    Tommy Wells is raising the stakes in the future of this city by calling on this investigation.
    He is ahead of the pack when it comes to Bowser remaining silent and doing what she is best at, NOTHING!.
    It is her recent legislation that wasn't strong enough in the first place that has left this void in what can and can not be done in this situation.
    Wells quickly jumps out in the lead when it comes to taking responsibility to speak up and step out!

  • Bill

    This issue happened four years ago and the council has done nothing. Action today does not indicate the council cares about ethics, so move on council. If action had been taken when this first surfaced that would have been appropriate but now it appears Wells is just looking for attention. This is no way to start a race for Mayor on the back of someone else. State why you think you should be Mayor Tommy and run on that platform.

  • southeast lady

    Stop this garbarge right now! Jim Graham needs to be investigated. He has has too many narrow escapes; whereby someone else is the fall guy. He has been feeding too long at the DC government trough and needs to be investigated and looked at.

    What fools we morals be.

    Now he is going after alarms that ring more than five minutes--give me a break.

    He is no better than Mayor Barry catering to people with feel good issues.

  • ToTheContrary

    I'd vote for Oscar the grouch over Tommy Wells. This is just political posturing on the part of this drunkard.

  • RealDC

    At least Wells is consistent.

    He called for the Navigatorgate investigation and now Graham is on the hot seat. I say go Wells, if you want to lead then lead. Leadership is not a part time job or selective when the you fell safe.

    Where is Bowser, Cheh and Catania on this issue? They called for the mayor to resign over an investigation. Now Graham has had 3 independent investigations come to the same conclusion, Graham is DIRTY, but we hear nothing from Bowser, Cheh or Catania.

    Wells is the only one stepping up on this issue.... Maybe he should be Mayor!!

  • RealDC

    Barry was censured and strip of his committee chair in 2010 for far less.

    Mendeslon, where are you?? The city is watching and waiting.........

  • Angelina

    Time for HANDCUFFS... and while you're at it add FENTY EVANS, Gandhi and the rest of the CROOKS!!!

  • DC Voter

    As I look at the photo above this article, isn't saint Tommy Wells wearing a Kwame Brown sticker on his suit coat? That's our boy Tommy, he'll go with the highest bidder every time. Eventually the rest of the city will catch on--he is no different than the rest of the slime in the Wilson building. As they say, birds of a feather.....

  • Drez

    Good for Wells.
    They should do the same to Graham as they did to Barry.

  • jimbo

    This was released from the barstool at the Hawk and Dove.

  • Ward1dude

    Ward 1 residents need to get their act together and vote Graham out of office. Graham is as bad as all the "old schoolers" no matter their race who keep the District from being a first tier city. Cronyism, racialists, backroom deals, cheats, loafers need to fcuk off. Good for Wells to have the guts to call out a colleague...let's hope Grosso, Kenyon and others tag onto this.

  • noodlez



  • ToTheContrary

    What say you Ward 1? Thumbs up (Graham stays), Thumbs down (Graham goes).

    For Marion Barry's misconduct the Council voted 12 to 0 to censure him, stripped him of his committee chairmanship and refered allegations of public corruption to the U.S. attorney's office for possible prosecution for, among other things, violating conflict-of-interest rules.

    What is good for the geese is, most certainly, good for the gander.

    Graham should, no MUST, be stripped of his chairmanship and censured by his collegues if they are to bear any semblance of ethical gatekeepers of the city. Lest the double standard be glaring. Where is Catania's outrage here? Evans?Cheh?

    Mendo, what say you? Then Chairman Vindent Gray had the courage to stand on the side of right when it came to Barry. What you gone' do Willis?

  • S.E.

    "Where is Bowser, Cheh and Catania on this issue? They called for the mayor to resign over an investigation. Now Graham has had 3 independent investigations come to the same conclusion, Graham is DIRTY, but we hear nothing from Bowser, Cheh or Catania".

    Trust and Believe......You Won't!!

  • Michael Childress

    of more interest is what was the role of graham in the failure to prosecute in the dc9 murder of Ali Ahmed Mohammed. shameful behavior of the district - no better than mississippi.

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