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"Substantial" evidence Jim Graham broke city rules, ethics board finds, but there's no way to punish him. [Post]

So Graham should just resign instead, says Post editorial board. [Post]

Cathy Lanier keeps dissing Human Rights Watch report on sex crimes. Group wonders why Lanier won't share any data with them. [Times]

P.G. County's football team has a racist name. End of story. [WAMU]

Some campaign funds come from PACs. [Examiner]

Jonetta says D.C. Council too union-friendly. [Examiner]

  • RealDC

    Oh, it is past time for Graham to resign! Graham is horrible on many levels and for him to still be on the council at this point is sad.

    Mr. Mendelson needs to strip him, Graham, of ANY chairmanship of he has on any committee. If not, then Mendelson need to be held accountable for his inaction!!

    So why does the DC Council have a "Board of Ethics" if they cannot take action. This board is another clown outfit, kinda like the public service commission. So why start an investigation and then say "Graham violated the public trust but we can't do anything". Huh?

    Then the DC Council as a Whole needs to step in and strip/censure Graham just like they did Barry in 2010.

    Come on Mendeslon grow a pair!

    Where are you Wells on this issue? Wells had no problem investigating Navigatorgate.

    Cheh, Bowser and Catania called for Gray to resign, what no opinion on Graham? SMH!

    Evans? Barry? Orange?

    Conclusion: There is no LEADERSHIP in this town, just monkeys playing politicians!!

    There have been 3 different investigation on Graham and all have come to the same conclusion: Graham is corrupt and unethical and nothing is done!

    Harry Thomas and Kwame Brown have to be scratching their heads. Black or white, a crook is a crook and ALL NEED TO BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE!!

  • name

    CYA at local news reporting agencies in full effect. This headline grossly mischaracterizes what's in the article:

    "Cathy Lanier keeps dissing Human Rights Watch report on sex crimes. Group wonders why Lanier won't share any data with them. [Times]"

    Just an example of a local "rights organization" lying and bullshi**ing their data to drum up an issue to get in the press and pull in donations. It's a tried and true tactic to get your name out there and raise your profile. This time I hope HRW takes in on the chin though because they are clearly full of sh** and should be embarrassed for the harm they've done to rape victims with this report.

  • drez

    Where's Tony this morning?
    I hope he is recovering well from his heart attack over WP calling on Graham to resign.

  • Mayor

    Tommy Wells is probably still hung over this early in the day. I really had no idea he was such a booze hound but boy that cat seems to be out of the bag.

    I agree that Chairman Mendelson should immediately strip Graham of his chairmanships. I won't criticize yet though. I'll give him until noon.

    As for Jack, Bowser, Uncle Vinnie, et al, first one out of the box calling for the r-e-s-i-g-n-a-t-i-o-n deserves a more serious placement in the file marked "Mayor".

    When is Graham vested in his city pension?

  • joan

    Diamond Jim is going down!

  • NE John

    Goodbye Jimmy Graham!

    ... and it seems to me, you lived your life like a camel breaking wind

  • Alf

    "Mr. Mendelson needs to strip him, Graham..."

    Come on, now, the intent should be to punish Graham, not reward his behavior.

  • Alf

    "Diamond Jim is going down!"

    Tell us something we don't know....

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