Loose Lips

Jim Graham: “I Am Not Resigning”

Ward 1 Councilmember Jim Graham issued a statement this afternoon saying he's not going to leave office just because the Washington Post editorial board asked him to.

"I am not resigning," said Graham.

The statement comes a day after the newly formed Board of Ethics and Government Accountability found that Graham had "abandoned his impartiality and demonstrated inappropriate preferential treatment in his dealings" with a LaKritz Adler, a developer that had donated to one of Graham's campaigns. Based on evidence produced by an investigation commissioned by Metro's board, the District's ethics board found there was "substantial" evidence that Graham had violated at least three provisions of the District's code of conduct by trying to leverage his vote on the city's lucrative lottery contract to help LaKritz Adler get a piece of a Metro development deal. But the board said it lacked the legal ability to punish Graham for his actions in 2008 and is dropping the matter.

The Washington Post editorial board opined today that Graham ought not to let legal technicalities get in the way of restoring the public's trust in government and resign.

No way, says Graham, who has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing. "I categorically deny any connection between any campaign donation and my actions on these matters" he said, adding that he's in discussions with his lawyers to see what his next "legal steps" might be.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • Wish I Could Write

    Is this the correct spelling of: NARCISSIST ?

  • IAmNotALiberalDemocrat

    Whatcha gonna do, Miss Graham?

  • NE John

    Dick Nixon said the same thing!

  • truth hurts

    Hey LL, a great big DUH!!! In Graham's eyes, he's a solid, hardworking, honest public servant.

    He'll never admit he's done anything wrong.

  • Devoe

    Good thing he withdrew his crooked bid to get on the board of the Children's Youth Investment Trust. Also disappointing that Mendelson was going to appoint him.

  • joan

    counting the days until Diamond Jim's perp walk!

  • ThomThom

    joan: that would be Rhinestone Jim. Graham is not and never has been the genuine article

  • DC Guy

    But he should resign and spare the residents of the District and the residents he represents from Ward 1 "the honor" of his service.

  • southeast lady

    he should resign and spare the residents of the district.
    Fall on his own sword. I am sick of him--among others, but his time is now.

  • southeast lady

    southeast lady here. I am so over tribal voting, gender voting, age voting, you look like me voting. A charlatan and a crook can come in any form (just like the devil). Size, shape, form, color, age, gender et cetera, et cetera, et cetera>

    Politicians are crooks--all of them including OBama. I like Michelle Obama.

  • RealDC

    Graham pack your bags and get out!

    Mendelson, it is time for you to lead! Come on Mr. Chair, what are you going to do about Graham? Keep giving him appointments? Let him keep his chair? Nothing?


  • RealDC

    Graham- Re-imburse the city for YOUR Liz Taylor memorial JUNKET before you leave!!

  • Angelina

    NOW its time for the HANDCUFFS!!!!!

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