Loose Lips

Morning Clicks

Michael Brown: "I want to go back to the John A. Wilson Building so [that] I can continue to be the 'conscience of the council.'" [Informer]

We're heading for a parking crisis! [Post]

Phil Mendelson to hold a hearing on disputed hospital contract. [Times]

New report says Gray administration is failing the city's homeless. [Post]

Auditors find nagging problems at CFO's office. [Post]

Charter schools growing at fast clip, DCPS not so much. [Post]

Public employee unions skeptical of Vince Gray's promises about pay raises. [Examiner]

Anacostia on the rise. [Informer]

  • Pulleeze

    Michael Brown, go away! No one needs you to be the "conscience" of the Council. What are you running for "council mother"?

    Ideally we will elect representatives who have their own consciences which will free you up to exploit what little memory have of your now long dead father in other creative ways.

    With you being off the council and Graham soon to be on his way to the slammer things are looking up.

  • Dan

    Mr Brown,

    Take your conscience and keep moving way away. Had enough!!!!

  • NE John

    My conscience consists of a little devil on one shoulder and a little angel on the other. Most often the devil wins out. I don't need M. Brown lumbering around up there mucking it up.