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Tommy Wells files exploratory committee for mayoral run, Jack Evans says such things are for the weak-minded. [NBC4]

Vince Gray's One City is loaded, so Gray plans to spend on affordable housing. [Post]

Elissa Silverman tries to bounce John Settles and Paul Zukerberg from the ballot. [NBC4]

Post: All hail Nat Gandhi's "noble tenure." [Post]

Barras: The good that CFOs do lives after them; The evil is oft interred with their bones. [Examiner]

Cathy Lanier says Human Rights Watch juked its stats on sex assault cases, says it found 109 of "missing" 170 cases. [Post]

Wait! Now it's 116! [NBC4]

Impasse on police contract. [Examiner]

  • Scotch

    Funny how Silverman is the only one to try to boot people off the ballot, but doesn't have the guts to file the challenge herself, instead relying on her supporters to do it.

    Silverman, Tommy Red Nose, Chucky and Dilbert are all a bunch of sanctimonious hacks. Our city is screwed with that brain crew in charge.

  • DCVoter

    Petty politics from Silverman, but anyone who has known her for more than 5 minutes should not be surprised by this.

  • DC Guy

    I will concur. She claims to be trying to take the high road, but in reality, she is petty. It is hard to fathom the thought process by trying to bounce these to candidates. Does she think their supporters will turn to her if she is successful?

  • RealDC

    Agreed. Silverman is full of crap! Was a lousy reporter that did a snow job on how "great" Fenty was in '06. Not one fair balance story on Fenty, instead she served up fat, juicy pro-Fenty stories. Silverman did this because she was "bumping uglies" with his campaign strategist.

    Now she is running for office...LMAO! In the words of Whitney Houston..."hell to the no"!

  • truth hurts

    just for kicks, assume Silverman is right and these candidates are barred from lawfully appearing on the ballot. (btw, i take no position on the merits).

    Would she be wrong for noticing, and speaking out, about noncompliance with election rules?

  • DC Guy

    To me, if there is something systemic, like forging pages upon pages of signatures, that is one thing. But if a candidate turns in +20% over par of signatures and people were asked if they were registered DC voters, and are getting bounced because of bad addresses or some such, then yes, I would let that go.

    It shows a pettiness and lack of confidence in the core message. I hope the Zuckerberg and Settles supporters rally around a single candidate to ensure Silverman doesn't win. She is as low as Brown is, and that is saying something.

  • Semper Fi

    Chuck Thies? Chuck Thies is crazy. Chuck Thies writing for a bona fide news organization is dangerous, he is a sociopath with no boundaries. Be careful Elissa, Thies is that rare dog who will bite the hand that feeds him.

    Thies probably put Silverman up to this so he could report it first. If the challenge fails she will look even more petty than she does now and Chuckie will just go off whistling in the wind. This is pure Chuck Thies, making stuff up out of hand or wildly exaggerating some small nugget to make like he is a news source.

    WRC better make sure they have a good lawyer or two if they are going down this rabbit hole.

  • Drez

    This is all very funny.
    It's like a parody of sockpuppet theater.

  • DC Guy

    Semper Fi, what are you talking about?

    A major contributor to the Silverman campaign has challenged both Settles an Zuckerberg. Not coincidentally, the individual in question is behind the SmokeFreeDC campaign.

    Ms. Silverman can complain about corporate donations, but taking this kind of partisan money and endorsement of action at the early stages of a political campaign, and career, smack as the same kind of same-ole same-ole that we have seen in this city for too long. Note, Silverman bragged to Thies that she had a whole system and process to verify signatures. She would have challenged all of her competitors out of the race if she could have!

    What the heck does Chuck Theis have to do with it?

  • Mahdi Leroy J. Thorpe, Jr

    Silverman needs to get a job and Black people would suffer under her leaderlessship if she is elected.

  • Mahdi Leroy J. Thorpe, Jr

    Tommy Wells going to Ward 8. That's like George Wallace attending a Malcolm X lecture. Mayor Vince Gray will run and be re-elected no matter who is the race Insha Allah.

  • truth hurts

    DC Guy: I read the Thies link posted by LL. Thies says nothing about "a major contributor to the Silverman campaign" challenging anyone. Nor does Thies mention the "SmokefreeDC campaign".

  • truth hurts

    Ah, Thorpe, the voice of reason. ANC guy who unapologetically calls Catania "faggot". Still mad at Silverman's 2001 CP article about him.

    Check it out. Judge for yourselves.

  • DC Guy

    @truth hurts

    Look at who was behind the SmokeFreeDC campaign, and match the names with Silverman's contributors and the petition challenges. We don't need journalists to do the research, but we do need them to not be lazy in reporting facts.

  • StrangeFruit

    Leroy Thrope,

    you got that right: "Tommy Wells going to Ward 8. That's like George Wallace attending a Malcolm X lecture."

  • NE John

    When I vote in DC elections that do not include a presidential election on the ballot, I close my eyes and push randomly at the buttons

  • http://distcurm.blogspot.com/ IMGoph

    dcrez: you aren't kidding! reading the comments on these articles a few days after they're posted is a sure way to get the definitive point-of-view of the ineffectual and tin-hat brigade.