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Nat Gandhi to Resign

D.C. Chief Financial Officer Nat Gandhi says he's retiring June 1 for purely personal reasons. The surprise announcement comes only a few months after the city's top accountant threw a party to celebrate his third reappointment. It also comes amid two separate FBI probes of the CFO's office, including one focusing on the city's lucrative lottery contract, as well as an investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

"Though I look forward to the next chapter in my life, this was not an easy decision. The past 15 years have been the most challenging and rewarding of my professional career," Gandhi wrote in a letter to Mayor Vince Gray. "I feel comfortable retiring at this time because the city is in excellent financial condition, perhaps the best in its history."

More to come as LL gets it.

UPDATE: Gandhi's tells Washingtonian's Harry Jaffe that he's leaving his post for love. Gandhi says he's retiring in order to spend time with his new girlfriend, poet Panna Naik, and to travel. 

Here's Gandhi's full letter:

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • Wish I Could Write

    Congrats to Jonetta Rosa Barras at The Examiner for scooping this story three days ago.

  • name

    Damnit. Should have retired under Fenty.

    Now we get some old DC hack who learned math from managing drug kingpin's money.

  • Alf

    Can't wait now for Marion Barry to try to grab some of that $400M surplus money....

  • ToTheContrary

    How does an accountant underreport revenue by, on average, 400 million dollars, and still manage to keep their job?

    I wouldn't let Ghandi count the change in my piggy bank.

  • gnat_for_life

    Good riddance, nat.

  • Typical DC BS

    Actually, I'm glad Ghandi was our CFO. I'd rather have him consistently underestimate revenues and overstate expenses in his budgets. Better to know he's projecting worst case scenarios than the usual pie-in-the-sky tripe government types typically roll out, than cause major problems because revenue didn't match their overly optimistic projections.

  • Restless

    It's about damn time! I guess DC has a surplus now so Ghandi can go out in a ticker-taped parade. Somebody better count the money before the spending starts. No wonder Gray is placing the money in the bank. I have never seen finances handled in such a slip-shod manner. Ghandi got paid a lot of money to be incompetent.

    Jonetta is on the ONE!

  • Natu Shah mD

    Congratulations Dr.Gandhi.You are leaving the nation's capitol with surplus while next door neighbor is in several trillion dollars deficit. Pushpa and I want you to enjoy your golden years in a meaningful happy days without stresses of CFO office. Start writing new poetries both in Our mother tongue and English with your lovely poet friend. Our best wishes,
    Pushpa & Natu

  • Drez

    DC's loss.

  • Truth hurts

    Payne's lawyer better serve a trial subpoena on nat before he leaves town.

  • NE John

    This guy was simply an instrument used to raise our taxes needlessly and rob us.

  • Anonymous, Too

    "Payne's lawyer better serve a trial subpoena on nat before he leaves town."

    lolol... good point, TH! poetry, my a$$...

  • JamesWard6

    Enjoy your retirement, Dr. Ghandi.
    I have some concerns about some things (Your son, for instance.) that have been covered up, but I respect your abilities and the chips will fall where they may.

  • southeast lady

    You mean to tell me that he is still on the job after the biggest scandal of what's her name-- wigs, jewelery, et cetra girl!

  • Ward-8

    Ghandi should have been fired a long time ago when the first thieft of millions from the DC Goverment by one employee under his watch. many of the lower ranking employee under the CFO have been fired for less. Ghandi had a pattern when the heat start coming down on his ass he comeup miraculously with surplus funds, anybody paying attention. The only conclusion one could comeup its not because of such a outstanding job he did, the staff did that, he takes credit. He must have a awful lot of dirt on either the Mayor or some of these councilmen who seems to constanley fall over each other to kiss his ring with the exception of Cantana, Ghandi nemesis and one who always seems to ask the right questions which maybe one of the reason he is getting out before others began also to ask questions.

  • JamesWard6

    Who brought Dr. Ghandhi into the fold?
    I believe it was Anthony Williams.
    Who was Mayor when Harriet the $50m kid exposed a scam?
    I believe it was Adrian Fenty.
    Who is Mayor when the man decides to resign?
    I believe it is.........
    Does that tell us anything??????

    No harm intended Ward 8, but your ire is misdirected. Don't assume this comment is from some racist "Whitey".
    It is not. There are many more conclusions one can reach about the surplus funds. And all Heads of Organizations can thank their staffs for any outstanding job the are given credit for. That's the way it goes from the President on down to the head of the garbage detail in the Department of Public Works.

    And Jonneta is the Devil's own Handmaiden. Believe It.
    How do you think she 'knew' what was going to happen before other news people?

    That is the type of thing readers should pay attention to.
    Think about that.

  • Ward-8

    Tankyou Professor jamesWard6,who cares who brought this peice of crap into the fold, facts are facts and you can massage it, spin it the results are the same so go share in his going away party and get in line with his other worshipers and kiss his ring, good riddance!

  • oldbiddie

    Ward 8 somebody needs to wash your potty mouth out with lysol soap. It is very obvious from your ranting that you lack the ability to offer clear and concise commentary. However, since it is your right to expose your lack of enlightenment, carry on; but at least re-read your work even if you don't know how to edit it properly.

    Your oafishness deminishes what little merit your statements might possess.

  • oldbiddie

    Not that Ward-8 would notice, but the correct spelling is 'diminishes'.

  • noodlez


    BYE NAT.

  • Daddy Grace Fish Sandwich

    I guess, this poor man was tired and disgusted?

  • Ward-8

    I's sorry Oldbiddle for not being politically or verbally correct to your liking but then again I don't hang around in neighborhood or around people where I forget what gender I am and have a constant need to wash my mouth out.

  • DC Native

    Dr. Gandhi was one of the best things that has happened to the District and the ONLY stablizing force here over the past 13 years. He will be missed and I only hope that his successor is someone with the the same vision, temperment, financial capabilities and integrity as he. So long Dr. G

  • Alf

    Marion Barry is in charge of recruiting a successor, all the better to sink his chops into some of that fine surplus!

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