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Feds Wants Kwame Brown’s Brother to Do Six Months in Prison

The U.S. Attorney's Office wants Che Brown, brother of former D.C. Council Chairman Kwame "Fully Loaded" Brown to spend six months in prison for committing bank fraud, according to a recent court filing.
Che Brown pleaded guilty in December to falsifying his income on bank documents. It was the same felony charge that Kwame Brown pleaded [...]

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The Graham Scheme of Things

Just by looking at him, you would have been hard-pressed to tell in the last week that Ward 1 Councilmember Jim Graham was going through one of the lowest points of his political career.
After a D.C. Superior Court judge tossed out Graham’s Hail Mary attempt on Friday to dismiss a finding by the Board of [...]

The Nonprofit Loophole

One of the things that kicked off former Ward 5 Councilmember and current federal prison inmate Harry Thomas Jr.'s troubles was the public disclosure that he was running an unregistered nonprofit organization, set up to do charity work, that collected unregulated and unreported donations from city contractors. Without the fuss of a constituent service account [...]

Appeals Board Tosses Jeff Thompson’s Protest

Jeff Thompson, the alleged financier behind the biggest campaign finance fraud case in city history, is not giving up control of his Medicaid managed care organization quietly.
Thompson is currently suing the city in D.C. Superior Court over the proposed sale of Chartered Health Plan, the single biggest provider of health insurance to the city's poor. [...]

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Jeff Thompson fighting Vince Gray administration over proposed sale of Thompson's Medicaid MCO (and former cash cow) Chartered Health. [Post]
David Catania wants Thompson to pay for Chartered's debts. [Examiner]
"Tommy Wells is positioning himself to be the new sheriff in town." [Examiner]
District government flying totally blind when it comes to financial impact of moving the FBI's [...]

Medicaid Competitor Alleges Jeff Thompson Got Special Treatment

A former competitor to alleged mayoral "shadow campaign" financier Jeff Thompson's Medicaid managed care organization says Thompson's Chartered Health Plan received improper special treatment from city officials in 2004.
Advantage Healthplan, the competitor, is currently in a long-running legal dispute with the District before the Contract Appeals Board, where it's seeking damages that could add to the [...]

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Jim Graham says he's relieved it's over. [Post]
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Jim Graham Punished

Ward 1 Councilmember Jim Graham appeared chipper and was mostly smiles this morning as his colleagues gave him the legislative equivalent of putting a toddler in time out and taking away his or her favorite toy.
The D.C. Council voted 11-2 to reprimand Graham for his actions related to a Metro development deal and the city's [...]

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Jeff Thompson left a mess of things at Chartered Health Plan, might cost taxpayers $40 million. [Post]
D.C. revenues up $190 million for next year. [WBJ]
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