Loose Lips

Morning Clicks

Is Nat Gandhi gone in a few months? Anonymous source tells Jonetta as much. [Examiner]

Jack Evans is still in Gandhi's corner, though. [Examiner]

Mark Segraves going to channel 4, Tom Sherwood not retiring. [City Desk]

CYITC audit coming soon. [Examiner]

Dorothy Brizill does not have a high opinion of Jim Graham. [The Mail]

Catholic University fighting birth-control mandate. [Times]

Charter school founder charged with fraud. [Examiner]

Shooting leads to questions about catering. [Post]

  • Scotch

    The Jonetta column was one of the dumbest pieces of phone-in journalism that she's produced in quite a while.

  • Wrack

    What, you don't think the Mayor can poach the head of India's auditing agency? Come on now! B'LIEVE HON ... oh wait wrong city.

  • Welllllllll!!!!!

    Where can one find a list of CYITC board members?
    Who is the General Counsel?
    How many Fenty members vs Gray members are still on board?