Loose Lips

Morning Clicks

New education committee boss David Catania: "I want to engender an outrage in the city about the level of truancy and educational failure." [Post]

Tommy Wells says he's not going to pull punches investigating MPD. [Examiner]

Jim Graham is being scapegoated, say lawyers working for Graham. [Post]

Q&A with Cathy Lanier [CSPAN]

District officials deny Donald Trump's request not to pay taxes on Old Post Office Pavilion. [Post]

Mary Cheh is on Mugshots.com [Post]

Vince Gray and other city pols march for stricter gun laws. [Reuters]

Officials says summer jobs program getting better. [Examiner]

Green roofs absorb rain, provide insulation. [WAMU]

  • jimbo

    Tommy better not swing too hard. He might lose his balance and fall off his stool. Hawk and Dove has reopened!

  • Ward One Resident

    Poor Jimbo (not the previous commentator, but the Grahamstander). He doesn't have one friend, colleague, constituent that could write an op-ed in his defense. Instead he had to have his high-power lawyers write it. Cry me a river Grahamstander...cry me a river.

  • Welllllllll!!!!!


    I've heard some vert good things about him helping the people who needed it most. I don't know much about the man's shortcomings. I do know he's much better off without that woman who was always throwing his name around. I wish him welllllllll!!!!!

  • RealDC

    Graham has gotta go!! Lock him up!!