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Case Against DGS Official Dismissed Because Prosecutor Not “Ready”

An update to yesterday's post about J.W. Lanum, the procurement boss for the Department of General Services, who police say was found passed-out drunk in a running car outside the Reeves Center during the middle of a workday.

Lanum's case went to trial today and was dismissed because the Office of the Attorney General was "not ready to proceed in this matter," according to court records. Lanum did not return a call seeking comment.

LL has asked the OAG's spokesman why it wasn't ready to prosecute a DUI case involving a high ranking government official and will update as needed.

Update: OAG spokesman Ted Gest says that the city plans to re-file its case against Lanum early next week. "We’re not going to discuss why we were not ready to proceed today," Gest says.

  • john

    OAG cannot become an independent agency soon enough. All I can say is thank god the AUSA does not have to answer to the DC Govt. I hope they look into this case!


    Ogold timer to peers:


  • did I say that?


    Who da Hell does of JW know and what the Hell does he have on them??????

    This new AG is turning out to be like The GodFather himself: Papa Nickles.

    If Lanum still has a job after this, I just may have to reconsider continuing my support of the Gray Administration

  • DaShaun Hawkins

    This is just rediculous if any employee in DC Gov't did something as unfrofessional as what JW has done they would have been escorted out the door. This makes the entire District Government look incompotent espicially the OAG. All of them should be ashamed of themselves!

  • DCGovcorruption

    This is unacceptable and the attorney responsible should be terminated. Does this happen with the average citizen who is arrested for this offense. The police administered three different sobriety test and he failed all three. This appears to be related to politics.

  • Pete

    Does this have anything to do with MPD's black hole of DUI convictions from last year? When they couldn't figure out how breathalyzers work.

  • http://www.facebook.com/AntLorenzo Anthony Lorenzo

    If this was a regular, everyday citizen of the District, they would have already been convicted by now. Smh.

  • Drez

    I a tually think that the fact DGS is refilling is a good thing- a sign that they are taking this seriously and will be aggressive.
    'Course it would have been nice had this happened earlier, without the public drama.
    When was this guy rehired? Who hired him? Who did he report to?

  • Elizabeth McDermott

    Lets just hope and pray he doesn't drink, drive and kill anyone in the meantime.....because they were not ready....

  • Duval, Esq.

    If the facts of the City's case are correct, his behavior is reckless. If the City is refiling charges - they will prosecute him. Lets see how it plays out. In the meantime, I D.C. residents should be outraged at the laughable management team at DGS.

  • ToTheContrary

    Alan Lew SOO micromanages DGS! There is nothing going on there that he doesn't know about.

  • RealDC

    DGS is a HOT MESS!!

    Lew is a crook, enough said.

  • anons

    This guy had abuse charges brought against him by a DGS employee last year.

    He has had 3 alcoholic arrests. The DC Control Board fired him back in the day for widespread corruption.

    Of course it makes sense that Gray would rehire him. Seriously, someone is going to write a book someday about how ridiculous the Gray administration was, and it will take chapter upon chapter to list all of his buddies and their kids he gave sweetheart jobs to, who then were forced to quit in the first year, either through incompetance or the law.

  • Angelina

    Great, let's add him to the growing list of crooks awaiting HANDCUFFS!!!