Loose Lips

Senior DGS Official Charged With DUI

J.W. Lanum, who oversees contracting and procurement for the multi-billion dollar D.C. Department of General Services, is due in court tomorrow to face a charge of drinking while driving, court records show.

According to police records, a Department of Public Works traffic enforcement official found Lanum asleep at the wheel of an illegally parked car with its engine running outside the Reeves Center, at 14th and U streets NW, where DGS is headquartered. It was just after 3 p.m. on a Friday last September, records show. When the DPW employee tried to wake Lanum, he "became irate and started to yell and curse" at the employee, who then flagged down a police officer, police records show.

Two police officers say they found Lanum inside the car with an open bottle of "Sutter House White Zinfandel," records say. (Either MPD was confused, or Lanum found a particularly unappealing brand of wine.) When asked if he'd been drinking, Lanum said, "I had one about a half hour ago," according to police.

Lanum failed all three field sobriety tests and was placed under arrest at the scene, records show. He was charged with DUI and possessing an open container.

This wasn't the first time Lanum's been in trouble with authorities. In November 2011, Lanum was charged with possessing an open container of alcohol. The charge was dropped after Lanum entered a diversion program, court records show. Emails and calls to Lanum seeking comment were not immediately returned.

Many years ago, the city's federally-imposed control board forced Lanum to resign as a District contracting official over allegedly "issuing contracts in violation of the agency’s normal procedures and then allegedly [lying] to a control board staffer to cover up his activities."

  • http://distcurm.blogspot.com/ IMGoph

    the best agency in the city, bar none!

  • Typical DC BS

    Why does this guy still have a job with DC government after being found incompetent years ago? Who does he know?

  • EZG1

    One's history often assists in their poor decision making process. Lanum must have some really serious dirt on some of our leadership!

  • Welllllllll!!!!!

    Just curious: Why did this matter take so long to get to Court and into the media? Is this the guy who is Lew's right hand man? If so, I already know the answers.

  • truth hurts

    Dude has a very serious problem. If this stuff happened on his own time, it wouldn't be newsworthy. Given his job responsibilities, though, he's gotta go. Especially since the public pays his salary.

  • Drez

    Going back to the control board?
    He's gotta be part of some old-boys network.

  • Grizzley, Inc.

    I swear JW Lanum must be powdering Lews balls because this is not the first horrible article I have seen posted about his incompotent thought process and unprofessional behavior. Lanum is a real BUTT PLUG with very little self respect and no class drinking some cheap Sutter House White Zanderfield I guess even stone junkies like Lanum has limitations on spending for a Buzz!

  • RealDC

    Sutter Home White Zinfindel, can get you drunk? Really? WTF?

    More non-sense at DC government. SMH.

  • BarbaraWard1

    Thought is was called Sutter Home not House. Eitherway, atleast get the Chardonnay.

  • Addy

    The guy is a complete and utter looser! He also made a baby mama out of one of his former employees. Got her pregnant while she worked for him. Someone close to the family tells me that baby is now all grown up. The problem here is that this is NOT a private matter. The position he holds is one of major fidiciary responsibility and his character and fitness for the job are essential components for that type of responsibility. His rap sheet is not short. Correction to the article - he faced similar charges in January 2012, just seven months before this incident. Should he walk free, I hope he doesn't harm drinking while driving - that would shame the judge and the court. None the less, shame on D.C. leadership and DGS Manamagement for such a pis poor role model to lower staff!!!

  • Logan

    The man was fired from D.C. Housing Authority many years ago!!! Why is he still around? He was literally walked off the job site!!!

  • MJ

    The turnover rate is extremely high in his Department. They say he is an absolute travesty to work with. According to sources, 14 people have either been fired by him or left on thier own since last year! One woman was fired for commenting on his height. He stands about 5 feet tall. Incompetent, drunk, junkie midget!

  • Chalene D.

    One afternoon he yelled and screamed at one of his managers who instantly broke down and was rushed to the mental ward at Howard Univ. Hospital. The "nitwit" manager returned to his abuses...........He should be fired for lack of respect for his Govt. role.


    Logan: getting perp walked off the job doesn't mean a damn thing in DC Gov.

    There are two former DC Rec employess in well placed DC jobs after having been terminated for credit card shennigans and other tom foolery. One actually works in EOM and the other somewhere in DCPS.

    I'll find out the names and post them later this evening.
    There are also other glaring hires/re-hires by the Gray Adminisration that bear watching as well.

    Did this guy learn anything about his administration's hiring practices? It certainly doesn't look that way. Though I guess it could be said he, personally, is doing a very good job with all of the negativity swirling around him.

  • EzE

    According to DC Superior Court online records, there have been three alcohol related charges: September 2008, January 2012, and this most recent.

  • Della D.

    Below is Mr. Lanum's criminal rap sheet verbatim at the Superior Court website:

    2012 CTF 017179 Traffic LANUM, JERRY WAYNE Defendant (Criminal) Open 10/02/2012

    2012 CDC 000114 Dist Of Col LANUM, JERRY W Defendant (Criminal) Closed 01/04/2012

    2008 CDC 022647 Dist Of Col LANUM, JERRY W Defendant (Criminal) Closed 09/26/2008

    1985 CTF 011941 Traffic LANUM, JERRY W Defendant (Criminal) Closed 12/16/1985

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  • DC resident (not dcrez, btw)

    Please fire him.

  • Ward 5 Voter

    The thing that really troubles me about this is that he was drinking on the job. He was arrested at 3:00pm on a Friday afternoon. If any of us little people were drunk on the job, we'd be fired so fast that our employer would have to mail us our personal items.

  • Insider says…

    He is the most corrupt of the many corrupt folks at DGS. I was walking in to his office one day, (he didn't see me), the stuff spewing from his mouth would be enough to make most DC residents recoil in horror. He has no respect for the fiduciary duty he has in his role. He is extremely mean to his employees, but is one of Lew's henchmen, so somehow has been able to skate free.

    He'll probably still be employed by DGS in the coming years. They simply don't care as long as they are enriching their buddies at Leftwich and McKissack. Can someone dig into the kickbacks? Please?

  • Della D.

    well he has made it to the Washington Post, here's the link:


  • Barrie Daneker

    This is what Mayor Gray calls service...no wonder why we have issues! FIRE HIM NOW!

  • DC_LovesU

    Hell...I like this guy. Drinking during the afternoon, cursing out parking attendants, making fragile managers cry and check into a mental ward. He's my hero!!!

  • LOL

    My main man JW - LOL!

  • GS-15

    I don't see what everyone is upset about, the man is running a billion dollar enterprise. Kwame Brown swore that the DGS was basically minting money for us as DC taxpayers.

    Anyway, a few glasses of wine in the mid-afternoon is better than the 3 martini lunch, which is what he usually has. And you can't blame the guy for sleeping either, he had just finished up a little "afternoon delight" in the back seat and he was exhausted. He downright crushed it, and just needed a few winks and a little time to catch his breath.

  • GS-15

    DGS Description - New D.C. department like a ‘multibillion-dollar company’


  • DaShaun Hawkins

    Well Well I see JW is still up to his old tricks. I swear is there anybody in the world who likes this old manipultive JUNKY he is the most larcany hearted person I have ever worked with. I wonder why he is still employed in Gov't because the man has a very big head with a pea sized brain. I guess his IQ is in conjuction with his height 2 inches. What a miserable looser JW is please use him as an example for a JUST SAY NO to substance abuse campaign to avoid being some GARBAGE!

  • ……?

    ...don't forget the solicitation of a prostitute charge during the first campaign to elect Yvette Alexander. Gray and Alexander know all about it.

  • Elizabeth McDermott

    The DUI is no surprise here. JW Lanum, uh, uh, uh famous for picking up tricks on Minn. Avenue in DC Govt. vehicles, uh uh uh screwing his employees - numerous affairs thoughout the years - cheating on Edith....Illegitmate child.....Fired from DC Housing......I think a DUI is par for the course with this guy. My question is to the DC Government leadership and the leadership at DGS. At what point do they recognize the correlation between character and fitness and high paid leadership roles involving fiscal responsibility. Brian "Weak Link" Hanlon is a joke. Desiree "Bigbird" Townes is an even bigger joke.

  • http://none E. Evans-McNeill

    This guy has repeatedly bragged that he has been fired from DC Govt. THREE (3) times. He seems proud of it. What is really bothersome is that he and Lew followed no laws when they were over the stadium 's being build. Also more tragic is that he has given
    DIRECT orders regarding action on contracts and procurement to James Staton, Director of Contracting and Procurement who immediately follows all that he is told to do. There needs to be a major investigation regarding these men and several women and their practices -- all the way up to the Mayor. No one in city government seems willing to get to the heart of what they know these people are doing.
    The proof is in the pudding -- J. W. is still moving up in DC Government after three firings and multiple arrests.

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  • Anonymous

    everyone who works with dgs knows all of the above stuff to be true. there have been plenty of good dgs employees to be let go or moved to different agencies because this guy if they do not side with him. this is truly sad and infuriating to watch.

  • FUK JW