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Morning Clicks

If your bathroom signs aren't gender neutral, you could pay a fine. [WBJ]

David Catania says traditional public schooling in D.C. is on verge of extinction. [Post]

Marion Barry pooh-pooh's David Grosso's plan to chat with Ward 8 residents. [Informer]

Darrell Issa not a fan of budget autonomy referendum. [Post]

Phil Mendelson's higher-wages-for-large-retail-workers bill has plenty of cosponsors this time around. [Examiner]

Former D.C. jail doctor pleads guilty to trying to give an inmate an unwanted blow job. [Examiner]

Vince Gray also concerned about appointing Jim Graham to CYITC board. [Post]

  • http://distcurm.blogspot.com/ IMGoph

    'your bathroom,' not 'you are bathroom' :)

  • Scotch

    Mendelson expanding his traditional reputation as a weak-on-crime liberal wuss to also include a spineless wuss who's being steamrolled by Jimmy G's blatant power move.

    Linda Cropp had bigger balls than Mendelson.

  • Welllllllll!!!!!

    Breasts too, Scotch. LOL

  • drez

    Wow, IMGoph actually got AS (or MM) to correct the text!

  • Logan Circler

    I can't believe that in the end Phil won't wake up and back away from this latest Graham stunt. Hopefully he can use the fact that Graham is incarcerated to say it will be impossible for Graham to attend board meetings from prison.

    I join those who think the only place Jim Graham should be is behind bars.

  • name

    Phil Mendelson is such a mealy mouthed pansy. Unfortunately that's what gets you reelected in this town.

    Hopefully the additional spotlight on his new office puts pressure on him.

    It's a shame there's no one in DC that catalogs past votes on major issues.

  • http://distcurm.blogspot.com/ IMGoph

    drez: I'm just glad the comments are paid attention to from time to time. :)

  • Green Eyeshade

    It doesn't matter wtf Darrell Issa thinks or wants, the president has decided that he likes budget autonomy for DC. So Issa can take a little break, go back to practicing his grand theft auto MO.

  • RealDC

    Really Catania? You are just realizing that DCPS is in trouble? That is disturbing. But you voted and supported Rhee to the max. No excuses, Catania and others are asleep at the wheel but DC keeps electing these clowns. Why would Mendo put Catania as the chair of education committee? Watching "Modern Family" does not make you qualified to run the education committee in DC!

    I am sorry but Catania is ill-equipped to deal with the schools. First, you would have to understand how to raise and educate a child. Catania has no idea and probably won't REALLY understand the role of being a parent. Another bad choice for DC. Put Catania on the alcohol committee at least he has "first hand" experience at booze. Their are better choices for this committee than Catania.

    Mendo needs to ask himself, would he take marriage advice from a single person that has never been married? You could but I would want my marriage counselor to at least have been married once. Marriage and educating children is a "full contact" sport, experience counts more than theories and guesses!!

    DC gets what it votes for... thanks Mendo, another bad choice for DC.

    2014 is coming...

    For Real!!

  • Typical DC BS

    Sure Green Eyeshade. Keep believing that.

  • Joe

    In case anyone doubted that Marion Barry is a dirtbag who doesn't care about his constituents...read that article. Why is he actively discouraging an at-large councilmember from visiting their mutual constituents? He clearly wants them to think he's the only one who cares. But he doesn't.

  • michelle jones

    it's all about money!!!