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Morning Clicks

David Catania wants to punish the parents of habitual truants. [Post]

Kenyan McDuffie wants to mandate campaign finance training. [Examiner]

Mary Cheh wants mugshots made public. [Examiner]

Judge bans tree shouter from the District. [Post]

Cops might be getting new contract. [Examiner]

Vince Gray's state of the District speech will be February 5th. [Post]

It's time to sign up for summer jobs. [Post]

  • michelle jones

    Catania and others like him are dangerous to kids. Gays should not be allowed to make any decisions concerning children. I deal with a gay in Rhees administration and he was a real sicko. I think he is in ATL now in some educational role. Sick Sick Sick.

  • ToTheContrary

    Why is the D.C. Government in full snow deployment mode when the forecast calls for POSSIBLE dusting to 1 inch. They did the same thing before the inauguration and we got zero snow. This is shaping up to the one of the most expensive least snow seasons in history.

  • name

    Nothing is more dangerous to DC's black children than their parents. Nothing.

  • SEis4ME

    I wholeheartedly support Catania's proposal!!!!

  • NE John

    michelle, that is a very prejudicial statement, I must say

  • Welllllllll!!!!!

    @NE John:

    Not as prejudicial as the name comment!!!!!
    Talk about universal danger: That's our blogger name.

    Michelle needs to come out of the dark ages and not attempt to judge an entire culture on her one experience with someone she obviously dislikes. Sad she doesn't recognize the danger in her statement.

    Though it is not necessary for me to say, I do want Michelle to know that I am not gay; but I am a humanitarian.