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Robert Bobb To Jim Graham: “You Should Be Ashamed”

The war of words between Ward 1 Councilmember Jim Graham and the chairman of the Children & Youth Investment Trust Corporation's board, Robert Bobb, is escalating with a new round of letters between the two men. In a letter sent yesterday, Bobb told Graham that he "should be ashamed" of making accusations that Bobb has been "less than forthcoming" in providing information about the trust's finances.

"Your claim that you have asked that I testify before your committee and that I refused such a request is simply wrong," Bobb writes. "I would encourage your to identify the specific instance when this has been the case or retract that comment."

In a response he just emailed LL, Graham did not identify any instances where Bobb refused to testify in front of Graham's committee. But he did provide several email exchanges highlighting problems he's had getting information from the trust, particularly a copy of an audit done on the trust's fiscal 2010 finances. In his letter sent yesterday, Bobb says he's been working with CYITC staff to get the audit done and that it's in its final stages.

This is the second round of tartly worded letters between the two men.

The backstory: Graham, as head of the D.C. Council's human services committee, has oversight of the trust. He's looking to increase his say in trust affairs by becoming a non-voting member of the trust's board, a request Council Chairman Phil Mendelson says he is granting. But the Gray administration, along with Bobb and some nonprofit advocates, don't want Graham on the board. The trust is trying to rehabilitate its image after former Ward 5 Councilmember Harry Thomas Jr. stole more than $350,000 in city funds while using the CYITC as a pass-through. Part of those rehabilitative efforts include trying to draw a bright line between the trust and local politics, an effort that so far seems to be pretty unsuccessful.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • name

    Mendelson is really on the short path to unemployed.

    Between telling Ward 6 that he doesn't think there's anything he can do about crime, to seeding non profits with profiteers, he really is cruising for a (D-At Home) position.

  • RealDC

    Mendelson and Graham both need to go!

    The 2014 election cycle in DC will be a game changer for all incumbents! New folks are coming.

  • Citizen

    I am shocked that Phil is so naive. There is no one more corrupt in District government and non-profit circles than Jim Graham. This is the perfect combination for Graham.

    Phil, please come to your senses, Jim Graham should be in prison, not on a non-profit board. Is Jim Graham worth the political capital, hardly!

  • truth hurts

    LL, why don't you post Bobb's new letter and Graham's emailed response? Would make it easier to score this round.

  • Alf

    Does Jim Graham want to be on the youth trust board because he is channeling Harry Thomas Jr. or Jerry Sandusky?

  • Angelina

    Still waiting to see Jim in handcuffs!!

  • seDCdude

    @ ALF


  • rip off the rich

    Jim Graham should be ashamed,generally. A committee should form to get him out out out

  • Mary Wolfe

    I say, Bobb will knock Graham out in the "third round" of letters. Everybody knows it takes approximately 12-24 months to complete an audit, depending on the complexity of the paperwork or lack thereof. I am sure the books were so messed up nobody could figure out what's what. It might be discovered that rogue Harry Thomas, Jr. rode off with more than $350,000. Plus, why would Mendelson send in the fox to watch the hen house?

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  • Restless

    Score One!