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Tommy Wells expected more from Joe Biden. [Examiner]

Examiner says President Barack Obama "repeatedly snubbed" the District and that Mayor Vince Gray was "irked." [Examiner]

Gray says he wants to hear some D.C.-specific language in State of the Union. [WAMU]

What's up with Phil Mendelson putting Jim Graham on the CYITC board, asks Jonetta. [Examiner]

D.C. Auditor finds missing paperwork on CBE projects. [Examiner]

District pols still ga-ga over the presidential limos new tags. [Times]


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    To be fair, Wells was asked about the absurdity of the article on Twitter, and he responded that it was a joke that Blinder didn't get. Reporting it as a straight-up story here isn't accurate.

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    Did Tommy Wells put his foot in his mouth before or after consuming a 12 pack?

    His chief of staff should try to arrange a beer summit with Biden.

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    Oh Tommy.

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    Funny how some of these elected officials are acting so bold when it comes to Obama and Biden. Such Fools. Instead of demanding Statehood, try fixing the damn Gov't first and ask Obama & Biden of a checklist of things the city should do to ensure we can become a state before Obama leaves office.

    With all the trouble in DC Gov't why would anyone want to be associated with bring Statehood to DC?

    Prove yourself worthy of it first then the negotiations should follow.

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    Bowser's comments are horrible. Really, Boo? After 6 years on the council that is all you can say? Jumping up and down? Wow, ward 4 has a "fan" not a representative. SMH!

    Bowser's quote just sums up her council record, jumping up and down for nothing and be just happy to be in the "$342k tent". Meanwhile back in ward 4...... the fire burns...Schools, crime, Georgia Ave, etc..... ah, ward 4 gets what it deserves..... and she will NOT be mayor.

    Ward 4 can keep her, DC does NOT want her!! For REAL!!

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    Is Tommy Wells a drunk? He kind of looks like he consumes massive, massive, amounts of brewery products.

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    Joe Biden doesn't drink so that ridiculous inebriate Tommy Wells is out of luck. What a twit! Like there couldn't have been a hundred and one reasons why the VP of the United States didn't get out of the car in front of the District Building. Like maybe Tom Tom he thought it might make a association between himself and the bloated profligacy that is you and the DC Council as represented by that white elephant reviewing stand you all had built for yourselves at a cost of $320,000.00 to use for 2 hours. Or maybe he thought Maybe Dumbos security detail would overreact and hog tie he and Jill and cart them off to RFK.

    Please don't waste yours and our time by running for Mayor, you are not ready for prime time. You are not ready for cable access.

    The drunken Irish pol thing is not coming back!

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