Loose Lips

Watch President Barack Obama’s Limo Drive Past D.C.’s Reviewing Stand

President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama got out of their limo at 8th and Pennsylvania NW this afternoon—then hopped back in before they got to the Wilson Building at 14th Street, where dozens of D.C. government officials (and some reporters) were watching in a $342,000 reviewing stand overlooking the parade route. Watch the video above to see what it looked like as the procession rolled by.

  • What a waste

    $342,000 - I know a reviewing stand (and one following the same plans) has been built for many of the last inaugurals but is that really the best way to spend $342K for an hour or two? Also, seems like a lot of money for such a structure. We know it happens every four years so was the procurement done through normal competitive bidding or was it a last minute hurry up and pay lots of overhead deal?

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    For that money it better have had a granite/stainless kitchen and 2 and a half baths. Alright, on that real estate, I'll settle for 1 and a half baths. Seriously, though, that outlay for what they got ought to be a scandal at the level of fully loaded.

  • DC Voter

    Wow. I am impressed. Hope the fools at the District Building at least got free booze and food.

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  • LOL

    what a waste - public record is your friend. do your own research

  • RealDC

    It was a waste to spend that kind of money on a "tent" with flat panels.

    The mayor and the council should be a ashamed themselves for this boondoggle. ALL of them should be thrown out of office! True pigs at the trough.

    Mr. One City is marching in the parade with a "sign"?.... Geez, he is like beagle in high weeds... just LOST!

  • DCpeoplewithrights

    Real DC, Mr. One City barely received any recognition. The wildness was only for President Obama and that's a fact.

  • michelle jones

    Those people cheering sound like fucking fools. Mr. and Mrs. Obama don't give a shit about DC. It's all about money.