Loose Lips

Morning Clicks

MPD to create website for rape victims after blistering report from rights group. [Post]

Jim Graham's lawyer asks ethics board to drop the metro/lotto case. [Post]

"Taxation" plates are now on President Barack Obama's limo. [AP]

District leaders want more from the president than just a license plate. [Post]

Homeless being forced to move because of inaugural parade. [Times]

Credit cards coming for District cabs by end of March. [Examiner]

Mayor picks ousted Department of Environment's chief of staff to be new director. [Examiner]

Marion Barry celebrates anniversary of his arrest by claiming, again, that the FBI tried to kill him. [USNews]

  • nowaitadaminit

    I know I'm getting on in age. However, if I remember correctly, Mayor Barry was convicted of a misdemeanor marijuana charge in the Vista Sting.

    If that is true, can somone please explain how the media can continue to report that the man was convicted of a cocaine charge? I have heard and read that many, many times since the incident occurred.

    Just Askin'.