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Marion Barry: Obama Inaugural Speech Should’ve Mentioned D.C. Voting Rights

Ward 8 Councilmember Marion Barry liked President Barack Obama's second inaugural speech just fine ("Barack is an excellent speaker,") but thought the president left something out: voting rights for D.C.

"The president has a responsibility to help liberate us," said Barry, who watched the speech from his office in the Wilson Building.

Barry said the speech was an ideal venue to push for D.C. autonomy issues.

"Freedom is the most precious thing in the world," said Barry.

After Kelly Clarkson sang, Barry led the small crowd in his office in chant of "Free D.C."

For what it's worth, Barry seemed pretty subdued during Obama's speech. He was far more animated, even singing along, when Beyoncé sang the national anthem.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • Typical DC BS

    Maybe Barry doesn't realize it won't happen in his lifetime, unless he wants to become a citizen of Maryland.

  • http://www.dregstudios.com Brandt Hardin

    Despite all odds, our President prevailed in gaining re-election. He still has an uphill battle fighting a Red Congress which has blocked his every move in an attempt to squash his goals of bringing the Middle Class equal pay, women’s rights, gay rights and affordable healthcare. The Bush Administration drove our economy into a swift nose dive and Obama is still the patsy. Watch conservative hands paint him in Blackface with a visual commentary of how Barack has been bamboozled at http://dregstudiosart.blogspot.com/2012/10/bamboozling-obama.html

  • Jerome

    as a former DC resdient the speech the president give was just fine not everything is meant to gain attention for DC voting rights, this was a national event, to spot light national issue not an issue that will take an act of congress to happen

  • Karen

    Marion Barry is an ass.Ass as in donkey, dumb, slow, and retarded. Lol